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FAD India Q4FY09

We will holding one or more FADs in India in January & February 2009, to fit into Red Hat's FY09 Q4 budget.

General information

If necessary, change what is below to accomodate multiple events.


This section needs to give the information on the date or dates of the event.

  • Mukti 09, Durgapur, West Bengal
  • GNUnify09, Pune, Maharashtra : 13th and 14th of February 2009
  •, Delhi, New Delhi : 20th and 21st of February 2009


  • Mukti09 is at Durgapur. Please check the event site on how to get there
  • GNUnify09 is at Pune. Please check the event site on how to get there
  • Freed.in09 is at Delhi. Please check the event site on how to get there

If you need help with lodgings and travel, do ping sankarshan on #fedora-india or, write to morpheus at fedoraproject dot org or, the fedora-india mailing list

Daily Schedule

  • FAD@GNUnify09
 * 2 half days
    * Talks on Packaging, Spins, Gach, Genome
    * Workshop on Spins, Testing
    * Unconference format for on-the-spot talks on developer tools


Please register if you will attend.

Name Arrival Departure Comments FAD/Event Name Sponsorship needed?
Foo Bar Today Tomorrow Optional Yes or No

Information for organizers

Current action items

  • Determine dates.
  • Determine location.
  • Determine goals and create daily schedule
  • Plan some sort of fun activity?


TBD, but Fedora should be able to fund the entire event including any needed sponsorships.