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When and where

  • Dates: Saturday May 30 - Sunday May 31, 2009
  • Place: Gerold's lovely home in Rheinfelden, Germany.



Our goal is to finalize all planning still left undone for FUDCon Berlin.

  • Make a list of everything we need to do.
  • Catch up on various FUDCon-related emails, inside and outside RH. (Max)
  • Invitation for Fedora EMEA e.V. membership meeting. (Gerold, Fabian)
  • As much coordination as possible for laptops for the booth, from Dell. (Max)
  • As much coordination as possible regarding F11 media in EMEA. (Max)
  • Edit and update the speaking schedule. (Max)
  • Edit and update LinuxTag VCC. (Gerold)
  • Swag discussion, both for FUDCon and EMEA in general. (Max, Gerold, Fabian)
    • FUDCon tshirts -- sorting out vendor issues. (Max)
    • I "heart" Fedora tshirts -- already in Amsterdam. (Max)
    • Special gift from NA Ambassadors -- coming w/ Mo. (Max)
    • Buttons -- checking w/ Greek ambassadors. (Max)
    • 5 stand-up, retractable banners (logo & 4 foundations) -- order placed. (Gerold)
    • Laptop stickers -- looking for a vendor. (Gerold)
  • As much coordination as possible regarding signage from Mo. (Max)
  • Discussion of window letters spelling "fudcon". (Gerold)
  • Discussion and work on banner for people to "leave their message to Fedora." (Fabian)
  • Plan for the tables and room layouts. (Gerold, Max)
  • Personal email to everyone who is pre-registered. (Max)
  • Press release editing. (Gerold, Fabian)
  • Wiki cleanup. (Max)
  • Begin work on hotel reservations. (Max, Gerold)
  • Brief Paul on the Fedora EMEA e.V. membership meeting. (Max)

Post-FAD action items

  • Note for people who weren't chosen for booth duty. (Thomas)
  • Banner for people to "leave their message to Fedora." (Fabian)
  • Finalize LinuxTag VCC (Gerold).
  • Window letters spelling "fudcon". (Gerold)
  • Retractable banners. (Gerold)
  • Laptop stickers. (Gerold)
  • Hotel reservations. (Gerold, Max)
  • Laptops for the booth. (Max)
  • Fedora 11 media. (Max)
  • FUDCon tshirts. (Max)
  • Buttons. (Max)
  • Pack I "heart" Fedora tshirts and chalk. (Max)
  • Close pre-registration. (Max)
  • Meeting space for Mark Cox on Wednesday. (Max)
  • Coordinate trip to office supply store in Berlin. (Max)
  • E-tickets & codes distributed to all. (Max)
  • Sort out travel for Max & Greg. (Max)
  • Program/flyers/schedule for each day. (Max)
  • Invitation letter for VIPs. (Max)
  • Flyer for FUDPub. (Max)


The budget for this FAD is somewhere around $200 USD, a drop in the bucket of the total FUDCon Berlin budget.