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Fedora Engineering Services

Our goal is to assist in furthering Fedora through our technical abilities. Fedora is entirely volunteer based, typically the changes get done by the people doing the work. Sometimes though there are things that need to get done that volunteers are generally unable or unwilling to do. That's where Fedora Engineering Services(FES) fits in. Team members have promised a certain number of hours per week to accomplish tasks. In many respects we're like contractors.

Why a service?

Being a service team means that people come to us with requests and we do it. This is different to other engineering groups in Fedora. Some groups, like the KDE SIG are self serving working towards a common goal. FES, on the other hand, is completely others-serving. We have no vision or goals on our own, other then to assist those that have come to us for help.

How do I join?

We're constantly looking for people who can dedicate 4 hours of work per week or more. See the Fedora_Engineering_Services:Join for more information on what is required to become a team member.

How can I use Fedora Engineering Services?

Need something done? There is a Fedora Engineering Services Issue Tracker set up on Fedora Hosted. To submit a new ticket, you need to login with your FAS credentitials to avoid a permission error.

There is also a report for all open and unassigned tickets and all active tickets.

What kind of work is not ok

FES exists to help others with tasks that need to get done. For example, FESCo may determine it needs to know how many rpms own files in /usr/local/. These tasks are great for FES.

Some work is more fly-by-night. For example: "I think Fedora should offer free installation services, go do it!" If you have an idea that you are unwilling to put any work into but just think it'd be a good idea, FES isn't going to do it. FES specalizes on specific tasks with a beginning, middle and end. Something which would require any ongoing maintenance would likely be discarded.


At this time FES is a trial team, it may vanish. As such we're only accepting requests from FESCo at this time. If you want us to work on something, ask FESCo.

Current Members

FES Members