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Let's face it, as programmers, system administrators, and general computer enthusiasts, we spend way too much of our time recording our thoughts in a computer. So why not make typing, pointing, clicking, and drawing as enjoyable as possible? This fun Friday session is for FUDCon attendees to bring whatever human => computer input devices they love (a favorite keyboard, mouse, trackball, graphics tablet, or other) for others to try out and ask questions about (or have your questions answered.) Sign up below to confirm that you'll be bringing something to share so we know to find you when the time is right or just show up!

Devices being demoed

Input device Owner Type Thumbnail
Leopold Tenkeyless Keyboard w/ Cherry Clear switches Toshio Tactile, non-clicky
Lenovo x220 laptop tablet duffy A laptop with a screen that has a built-in wacom tablet.
Das Keyboard Model S Silent pfrields Tactile, non-clicky
Rosewill Keyboard, Cherry Black switches Toshio Linear, non-clicky
Filco Majestouch w/ Cherry Blue switches gholms Tactile, clicky