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14:59 < spevack> hi everyone!

14:59 ... join!#fedora-meeting -> techbugs(n=siddhart@

14:59 < fugolini> hi spevack

14:59 < marek> hey Max

14:59 < rvokal> hi max

14:59 < spevack> thank you all for coming to this little meeting

14:59 < fcrippa> hi!

14:59 * gregdek hullos.

15:00 < spevack> i think it will be useful for us to get together for 30 minutes once a week until FUDCon, just to make sure we're sorting out all the details.

15:00 * spevack goes to pull up rvokal's last email from yesterday

15:00 < spevack> ok, so we have one scheduling topic that we really need to dicsuss

15:00 < spevack> I've been trying to make a decision in a vacuum, but I can't do it and we need input.

15:01 < spevack> Question 1: Should FUDCon be Fri/Sat/Sun or just Sat/Sun?

15:01 < spevack> Question 2: Which day should be the BarCamp?

15:01 * spevack would prefer a 3 day event

15:01 * spevack is unclear what the best bar camp day is

15:01 < spevack> what do you all think?

15:01 < rvokal> my proposal is Fri + Sat .. let's make Sun a traveling day .. for example stuttgart ppl are comming bit sooner to spent some time in the office so they will be here on Fri anyway

15:02 < fugolini> !

15:02 < spevack> fugolini: you can just speak -- no need for ! or ? or any of that ;)

15:02 < fugolini> ah, ok

15:02 < fugolini> only to say that due to travel time it would be necessary a day to arrive

15:02 < rvokal> also I haven't talk to ppl from Westford, but would be great if they can show up in the office as well

15:02 < marek> spevack: it would be nice to have 3 days :) but I agree with rvokal that Sun is good for traveling back home

15:03 < red_alert|w0rk> not everyone who's attending is paid for that...they might prefer not to take off Fri (or they'll need Fridays for travelling anyway)

15:03 < fugolini> e.g. if meeting is on friday i've to take thursday flight

15:03 < spevack> fugolini, fcrippa: what do you guys think? you are folks who will actually be making the trip specifically for fudcon

15:04 < spevack> so, it seems to me that SATURDAY should be the Bar Camp no matter what, then. Does anyone disagree with that?

15:04 < rvokal> red_alert|w0rk: same deal with Sunday and coming back on Mon ..

15:04 < spevack> Then we can make Friday a hackfest day, and Sunday also a hackfest day, and people can come and go as they need to?

15:04 < gregdek> Most people = barcamp day

15:04 < spevack> gregdek: and saturday will get us the most people, i have to believe

15:04 < gvarisco> I'd prefer Sat + Sun and leave from Italy (with the Italian crew: fugolini, fcrippa, lfoppiano, etc..) on Friday; and host the barcamp on saturday

15:04 < fcrippa> Fri afternoon + Sat + Sun morning could be ok for me and for my colleagues (I think at least 3 people...)

15:05 < gvarisco> fcrippa: +1

15:05 < red_alert|w0rk> rvokal: yep, that's why a 2 day event would be better than a 3 day event - we'll have to take off some time anyway I figure

15:05 < fugolini> +1 for gvarisco and fcrippa idea

15:05 < fcrippa> but I haven't made check yet about a trip for Friday morning

15:05 < spevack> rvokal, marek: how many non-RH folks from Brno, or from the university, do you think we might have show up on Saturday?

15:06 < marek> spevack: about 20 maybe?

15:06 < spevack> ok

15:06 < marek> I know of 5 for sure

15:06 < marek> spevack: but I'm not sure about folks from university

15:06 * fcrippa thinks lot of Italian people will come: fcrippa, fugolini, amrossi, lfoppiano, mmornati, sstorari, spucci, gvarisco, lvillani...)

15:07 < fugolini> spevack: the only problem is that with a not-direct flight i need more than 5 hours to arrive in BRNo

15:07 < spevack> ok, so the decision that I am leaning towards is the Bar Camp on Saturday, with Friday and Sunday as hackfest days, but make it clear that people don't have to show up to both days, and that they should do whatever they can with their travel schedule.

15:07 < rvokal> very hard to say .. I plan to invite few ppl from university which are not Fedora guys but might be interested .. but I agree with marek, apx 20ppl

15:07 < fcrippa> a question: is brno a "official" location for fudcon?

15:07 < spevack> fcrippa: it's where we are doing it this year. Next year, we will do it in a different european city

15:07 < fcrippa> +1 for barcamp on saturday

15:07 < rvokal> fugolini: where do you fly to?

15:08 < spevack> fcrippa: but it is *incredibly important* to me, this year, to have as many of the Red Hat engineers from Brno as possible at the event, so I want to take advantage of the fact that we have an office in Brno

15:08 < spevack> and that rvokal can get us space in a university for free

15:08 < gvarisco> rvokal: we're thinking about the cheapest way from Milan, Bratislava or Prague are probably cheaper than Brno

15:08 < fugolini> rvokal: from Pise or Milan (the first one is preferred) to Prague or Wien

15:08 < gvarisco> (and, eventually, take a train)

15:08 < fcrippa> Ok :-) I asked because we need to organized or trip, and Prague vs. Brno was a problem for us ;-)

15:09 < rvokal> gvarisco: bratislava might be less expensive and the trip to brno is shorter

15:09 < gvarisco> rvokal: ok, good to hear that ;)

15:09 < marek> indeed, but trip from prague air. to brno is only 250CZK

15:09 < marek> with student agency

15:09 < spevack> fcrippa: next year's european fudcon will be in another city

15:09 < spevack> ok, so Saturday Bar Camp. that's decided!

15:09 < spevack> rvokal: ok with you?

15:09 < rvokal> marek: and train from bratislava?

15:10 < fugolini> rvokal: is bratislava airport connected with train station?

15:10 < spevack> rvokal: we can get those 4 smaller rooms and one big room + common area on Saturday?

15:10 < rvokal> spevack: ok, fine with Sat + Sun

15:10 < marek> rvokal: ~200, but you have to travel across whole city to get from airport to the train station

15:10 < rvokal> spevack: rooms - yep, that's not a problem ..

15:10 * spevack looks at the rest of rvokal's email

15:11 < red_alert|w0rk> is it possible to sleep on the university grounds?

15:11 < marek> I'll research possibilities of travel and I'll try to put it together on the wiki

15:11 < fcrippa> spevack, how many people do you think will attendee? I've seen 20-30 users on the wiki....

15:11 < spevack> ok, next big logistical point will be lodging

15:11 < rvokal> spevack: I have to check with Uni the food service .. not sure if they can provided over the weekend

15:11 < spevack> fcrippa: I'm hoping that once we can start to publicize, now that we have dates and location finalized, we will have 150 - 200

15:11 < spevack> rvokal: sure. if the university can do it, that will be great. otherwise we will look for folks who can deliver, I guess.

15:11 < rvokal> k

15:12 < spevack> rvokal: what is the best strategy, in your opinion, to figure out hotel options for folks? We want something acceptable, but it doesn't have to be luxury.

15:12 < fcrippa> ok (5 rooms for 30 people could be not a good choice... 5 for 150 is different)

15:12 < rvokal> spevack: lodging .. would be great to know it ASAP. I guess we can get a price at $50 per night/person

15:12 < rvokal> I mean the number of ppl who want a room for sure

15:13 < rvokal> we have a place we usually use .. not that far from university

15:13 < rvokal> but I haven't check that yet

15:13 < spevack> rvokal: ok. Well, if we can tell people an estimated cost for a room, per night, then people can say whether or not they would want that. $50 USD per night is a very good price

15:14 < rvokal> I guess people are willing to share a double bed rooms ... :)

15:14 < spevack> rvokal: some people would want that, and others would want to pay a bit more and have a single room.

15:15 < rvokal> also I've talked to Denise and she will cover guys from Stuttgart from her budget

15:15 < rvokal> spevack: would be great to know that as well

15:15 < spevack> rvokal: i think the #1 thing we have to make sure of is that the hotels have enough space!

15:15 < spevack> for those nights

15:15 < spevack> rvokal: that is really nice of denise!

15:15 < spevack> rvokal: but it's important that we try to get the best prices possible for the community members...

15:15 < rvokal> how many people I should coun't with? .. 50? 100?

15:16 < spevack> probably somewhere in between... I assume people who live in Brno don't need a hotel :)

15:16 < spevack> red_alert|w0rk, fugolini, fcrippa, others: one of the things that I will use part of the Fedora FUDCon budget for is to help offset the costs of hotel for community members who attend

15:16 < rvokal> k

15:16 < spevack> As always, we want to keep the cost of the event for non-RH people as low as possible.

15:17 < fugolini> thanks spevack

15:17 < fcrippa> :-) thanks!

15:17 < spevack> the fact that we are getting the space in the university for very little means that there is a lot of budget to use to help with community travel costs

15:17 < spevack> rvokal: so, here's my question for you.

15:17 < spevack> i feel like all of the organizational details are falling on you... and all I'm doing is making long lists of questions...

15:18 < spevack> i want to make sure that i'm helping you enough

15:18 < spevack> so I'm going to start getting a better idea of who wants a hotel

15:18 < spevack> trying to figure out who is coming

15:18 < spevack> and also letting you know how much budget we have for things like food, etc.

15:18 < rvokal> that'd be great .. also I would love to see your email on brno and stutgart-list

15:18 < rvokal> to get ppl prepared for presentations

15:18 < spevack> rvokal: right, gotta send that too. I was waiting until we made some of these decisions today

15:18 < marek> and fedora-announce-list :)

15:18 < rvokal> and the way barcamp works

15:18 < spevack> marek: yep

15:19 < spevack> yep, i'll do all of that. We just needed some firm things to tell people like which day the BarCamp is :)

15:19 < spevack> ok... so, I have a lot to follow up on.

15:19 < red_alert|w0rk> make sure we get some artwork to do blog posts announcing this fudcon

15:19 < spevack> Is there anything else people want to ask about here?

15:19 < spevack> red_alert|w0rk: yeah, we'll ask the art team to do some artwork, and also to design a tshirt

15:19 < spevack> which i will pay to get made for everyone

15:20 < rvokal> great

15:20 < marek> we have enough Fedora live dvds, but unfortunately there won't be any usb sticks :(

15:20 < spevack> anyone else have questions? otherwise, I will work to get stuff sent to fedora-announce-list, stuttgart-list, and brno-list

15:21 < spevack> and also the wiki

15:21 < rvokal> I have maybe a stupid question .. we have bunch of JBoss guys here as well and would be great to convince them to join FUDCon .. :)

15:21 < spevack> marek: we can buy some USB sticks if we want to :)

15:21 < spevack> rvokal: I would *love* to have them come

15:21 < spevack> every single person in the Brno office is invited

15:21 < spevack> and in Stuttgart

15:21 < rvokal> spevack: USB sticks would be handy, anaconda folks will have a presentation for sure

15:21 < spevack> I will make that clear in my email :)

15:21 < marek> spevack: well, I was talking with marketing in munich, they are sending us DVDs but they don't have any fedora usb sticks (like from summit)

15:21 < rvokal> thanks ;)

15:22 < marek> spevack: I have to follow up with you on this too, EMEA marketing proposed to take 50% of marketing stuff for EMEA events on their cost center

15:22 < red_alert|w0rk> I wonder...if most people try to arrive at the same time at Prague, Vienna, Bratislava or whatever would be the best...would a group ticket or a fudcon special-bus be a cheaper option?

15:22 < marek> spevack: but we can talk about it later

15:22 < marek> it's offtopic now

15:22 < spevack> marek: who made that proposal, and when? because I should definitely follow up on that, but they didn't mention it to me when I was in their meetings in Munich

15:23 < spevack> red_alert|w0rk: I'll add a section to the wiki page for people to coordinate their travels

15:23 < marek> spevack: it's not "offical" yes, alesandra from marketing in munich just said it won't be a problem

15:23 < spevack> marek: well, i'll be talking to her and andrea schneider in the next week or two, so we'll see what they say! ;)

15:24 < marek> spevack: ok :)

15:24 < spevack> any other questions for me, right now? I know people are taking time out of their workdays and I don't want to waste anyone's time.

15:24 < spevack> Can we all meet again next tuesday at the same time, to have another check-in?

15:24 * rvokal agress

15:24 < rvokal> agrees .. grr

15:24 < spevack> I think if we do this once a week, we'll be in good shape come September

15:24 < marek> ok

15:24 < red_alert|w0rk> I'll try to attend

15:24 < fugolini> ok

15:25 < spevack> rvokal: thank you so much for your help. this would not happen without the folks in brno helping with all the local details

15:25 < spevack> ok, well I have a bunch of work to do on FUDCon, so I'm going to suggest we adjourn this meeting, so I can get started! :)

15:25 < rvokal> spevack: no problem max, we're all looking fwd it ..

15:25 < spevack> thank you all for your time!

15:26 * spevack will collect the TODO list from this meeting, and put that on the wiki also