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The tickets for public transport in Prague

The basic ticket is for CZK 26, and is valid for all means of transport (buses, tramways, underground, funiculars and ferries) for 75 mins from the point when it is "stamped." The stamp machines are located inside tramways and buses and near the entrance to the underground (cca 10m below the ground :-). The stamp machine is yellow, and its size is 15cm x 30cm x 5cm.

There is also a 'short ticket, which costs only CZK 18, and is valid fro 20 mins in bus or tramway, without the right to change. Or it is valid for 5 stations in undergroud, and you change change lines (the start station dis not counted, the "change" station is counted only once).

There are also tickets valid for longer times:

price time name
CZK 32 120 min 5 zones
CZK 38 150 min 6 zones
CZK 44 180 min 7 zones
CZK 50 210 min 8 zones
CZK 100 24 hrs 24-hour

The "zones" tickets are sold exclusively in the ticket selling machines.

(The "zones" thing is not relevant here, thats for people travelling to towns and villages near Prague, all places mentioned here, including the airport, belong to one zone.)