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FUDCon KL Planning Meeting 2012-04-26

Meeting Time

  • When:
 date -d 'TZ="MYT" 2012-04-26 22:01:00'
  • Where: #fudcon-planning


This meeting will be lead by kagesenshi.

  • The participants will be posted after the meeting.

Meeting Protocol


Please update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.

Meeting summary and action items

  • roll call (KageSenshi, 14:06:51)
  • announcements (KageSenshi, 14:07:12)
    • KageSenshi is still waiting for cash from harish in order to proceed with producing swags/banners/lanyards (KageSenshi, 14:07:37)
    • harish is still working on the hotel booking (KageSenshi, 14:07:50)
    • we have less than 4 weeks left to FUDCon KL :D (KageSenshi, 14:08:12)
    • ACTION: KageSenshi or sniffit will be sending mass email to registered participant tomorrow , to keep the buzz alive (KageSenshi, 14:09:06)
    • those who are going to FUDCon KL, do post this up in your Blog/FB/G+ wall (KageSenshi, 14:09:51)
  • questions/decisions (KageSenshi, 14:10:11)
    • ACTION: MavJS to check up with gurdip on goodie bag status, latest by 4th of May (KageSenshi, 14:12:27)
    • ACTION: MavJS to check up with gurdip on bus payment, whether there need to be deposit or something (KageSenshi, 14:12:56)
    • ACTION: KageSenshi to keep on buzzing harish for cash for swag (KageSenshi, 14:13:09)
    • swags need at most 2 weeks to produce, but it'll be good if we can get early .. (KageSenshi, 14:13:27)
    • harish will be sending the cash needed on friday apr27 (KageSenshi, 14:27:21)
    • ACTION: KageSenshi to see whether the printing shops are open on this saturday and start printing a.s.a.p after cashing out (KageSenshi, 14:27:55)
  • open floor (KageSenshi, 14:33:27)
    • keep the buzz alive, twit/post/blog/etc about fudcon :D (KageSenshi, 14:33:59)
    • next vlnt physical meeting will be on monday night at UCTI/APIIT instead of tuesday night (KageSenshi, 14:34:41)


Next meeting

Next FUDCon KL Planning meeting will be on 2012-04-30 20:00 MYT at UCTI.