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  • Name: Tom Callaway
  • Talk title: Building RPMs
  • Abstract: Making good RPMs does not have to be difficult! In this presentation, I will show you the basics of how to make a good RPM packages, using the Fedora Packaging Guidelines to help ensure that your software is clean, functional, and maintainable.
  • Bio: Tom "spot" Callaway has been a Linux user and contributor since 1997, and has been a Red Hat employee since 2001. Currently, he is the Fedora Engineering Manager. In addition to that, he is the chair of the Fedora Packaging Committee, head of the Fedora Legal team, and is serving an elected term on the Fedora Board. As of this writing, he is also the maintainer of more packages than any other Fedora maintainer, which makes him legally insane. In his spare time, what little remains, he heads up the effort to port Fedora to SPARC. He lives in Boston, MA, USA, with his wonderful wife Pam, two cats, and three fire bellied toads.
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