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Athens Digital Week

When and Where

13 - 19 October 2008 , Athens GREECE

ADW official site (in greek)



  • Fancy Fedora corner/helpdesk
  • Live USB stick creation station
  • CD/DVD distribution
  • Flyer distribution (What is Fedora, etc)
  • Wearing Fedora Shirts ;)
  • Max Spevack and Dimitris Glezos will probably give presentations
  • Subscribe people to our announcement mailing list

Current action items - TODOs

  • CD/DVD acquisition (glz)
    • Get ~300 at FUDCon Brno (thanks to Fedora Project)
    • We probably need some more.
  • 2 laptops set-up as USB stick creation stations (glz, pap)
  • Huge Tux poster (glz)
  • Fedora poster printing (pap)
  • Fedora banner printing (pap)
    • UPDATE done by ADW organizing team
  • Flyer
    • Preparation (pap)
    • Printing (pap)
  • Collateral printing (...):
    • Stickers (thousands of them!)
  • Print polo shirts (themis, ~2/10)
    • UPDATE: good price for over 30
    • (T-shirt to sell maybe? (...))
    • UPDATE: MaxSpevack brought us some!
  • Print a T-shirt especially for the conference?
    • If yes, design it (glz)
  • Need a good blue? tablecloth
  • Post invitation/announcement on linux-greek-users, open-source etc.
  • Blog a lot to let people know

Booth Personnel

(in alphabetic order)

Name Booth setup Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Pierros Papadeas X X X X
Dimitris Glezos X X
Max Spevack X


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