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Fedora Workshop

Kalyani Govt. Engineering College(KGEC) has a large base of students interested in linux . This workshop has been organized by the 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' & IIPC Cell of KGEC. This FAD will be conducted after the inauguration ceremony of 'GNU/Linux User Group of KGEC' and 'Why FOSS' session.
Participants will be shown how to configure and administer Fedora system in a Computer LAB. They can also bring their Laptops and get their Linux problems solved on spot. They will be helped to use fedora on their system and get it to do whatever they want it to.

Date and Location


  • Workshop on administrating fedora and install Applications
  • Introduction to Fedora GUI and Applications
  • How beginners can contribute (just started newbies)

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Successfully conducted on 18th April in a Computer Lab. The Kalyani Linux User Group helped conduct it well.

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