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Fedora Past Events: 2007

Date Name of Event Location and Short Description Ambassador How'd it go?
Jan 30,31-Feb 1 2007 Solutions Linux Paris - France ThomasCanniot, AurelienBompard French Ambassadors discusses it every week n their meeting
Feb 2, 2007 FUDCon Boston 2007 Boston, MA, USA GregDeKoenigsberg BarCamp Info
Feb 10-11, 2007 SCALE 5X Los Angeles, CA, USA - Fifth Annual Southern California Linux Expo ThomasChung See SCALE 5X
Feb 13-15, 2007 Horizon Durgapur, West Bengal, India RahulSundaram, KushalDas Report , Photo
Feb 24-25, 2007 FOSDEM 2007 Brussels, Belgium, EU - Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting FredericHornain, ChitleshGoorah See FOSDEM 2007 for Status
Feb 24, 2007 G33K+Party Fedora 2007 La Victoria, Venezuela GuillermoGomez Report
Feb 28, 2007 Free software Tunisia,Northern Africa NihedMbarek Report , Photo
Mar 1, 2007 Fedora Demo OH, USA AnandCapur Contact the Ambassador
Mar 3-4, 2007 Chemnitzer.linux-tage Chemnitzer.linux-tage - Chemnitz, Germany JensKuehnel, JoergSimon, ChitleshGoorah Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2007 , Report
Mar 7-8, 2007 Berne, Switzerland
OpenExpo 2007
A 2-day Expo about Open Source Software in business area as application, service or further development. - See OpenExpo2007
Mar 16-17, 2007 Nantes, France - Linux Party XI Special Event 1st day : Professional days - 2nd day : for all ArmelKermorvant Annoncement / Full Programm / Details Nantes
Mar 22-23, 2007 Dakshh 2007 [1] Kolkata,West Bengal,India - An awareness program to enhance participation in GNU/Linux community. SusmitShannigrahi Report
March 24 2007 ISEIT Install Fest Caracas , Venezuela. One day Linux install fest GuillermoGomez, WilmerJaramillo Report
March, 2007 Open Source in Administration and Education A three-day conference focused on Open Source-based solutions in Administration and Education. I will have a speech on "Open Source in school". Warsaw, Poland PawelSadowski Warning.png Pending - the conference has been postponed until March 2007.
April 6-7, 2007 Flourish A two-day conference reflecting on the impact of FLOSS on our future, taking place in Chicago, IL. I will be presenting in several sessions. TomCallaway Contact Ambassador
April 11, 2007 IU LinuxFest An annual one-day event to draw attention to Linux from faculty, staff, and students of Indiana University's campuses and the general public. JeremyGaddis See IULinuxFest2007 for status
April 12-14, 2007 FISL8 Reaching its 8th edition, the International Free Software Forum stands as a remarkable spot in the Brazilian and International FOSS event's calendar. 12th 13th and 14th of Abril / 2007 - Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. RodrigoPadula (see rest in status) See FISL8 for status
April 14-17, 2007 ICT Week, PETRONAS University of Technology An annual event held in the university with various ICT related activities including software classes for school students, showcase booth, talks, etc MohdIzharFirdaus Report
April 20, 2007 TUX Kinderfest , Bremen, Germany An event to show gcompris and other open source apps for pupils and schools. Planned are some showcases, a discussion with local politicians and some live demos for testing by pupils and teachers. RobertAlbrecht Report tbd
April 20-21, 2007 CarolinaCon Chapel Hill, NC, USA Third annual technology conference. LeeJoseph JamesBenWilliams See CarolinaCon for Status
April 28, 2007 Digital Comunication Meeting, João Pessoa/PB, Brazil Presentation about Fedora Project and Fedora Core on first Digital Comunication Meeting GutembergMedeiros Contact Ambassador
April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007, Brazil - João Pessoa/PB Festival Latino Americano de Instalação de Software Livre GutembergMedeiros See FLISOL2007 for Status or Contact Ambassador
April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007, Brazil - Salvador/BA Festival Latino Americano de Instalação de Software Livre CristianoFurtado See FLISOL2007 for Status or Contact Ambassador
April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007 Argentina Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre PabloBarrera , NicolasCorrarello News on NicolasCorrarello personal page
April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007 Peru Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre PERU HernanPachas See FLISOL2007 for Status
April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007 Venezuela Caracas , Venezuela. Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre GuillermoGomez WilmerJaramillo WalterCervini Contact Ambassador
April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007, Santiago de Chile Santiago de Chile. Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre EduardoVillagrán See FLISOL2007 for Status or Contact Ambassador
April 28, 2007 FLISOL 2007, Brazil - Criciúma/SC Festival Latino Americano de Instalação de Software Livre DiegoZacarao See FLISOL2007 for Status or Contact Ambassador
May 4, 2007 [2] Buenos Aires. UADE Fedora Showcase 2007a PabloBarrera Contact Ambassador PabloBarrera for place reservation
May 10, 2007 Odprtokodni OS (Fedora Core) Koper, Slovenia, Short (30 min)presentation of opensource OS - Fedora Core Linux JanBirsa Contact me ( is under construction now)
May 19, 2007 Miraflores, military perimeter, The idea is to promote the distribution, an extensive campaign of Marketing, with the presence of different TV channels invited. Plaza Bicentenario (Caracas - Venezuela) WilmerJaramillo Cancelled
May 22, 2007 Install Fest White Nights, Beijing, China - To try new released distro and help people about Linux HaoweiLee Successfully finished
May 25,26, 2007 IV ESLAM Manaus, Brazil; ESLAM is Amazonic's biggest Open Source conference RodrigoPadula See ESLAM for Status
May 30-Jun 2, 2007 LinuxTag Berlin 2007 Berlin, Germany, LinuxTag is Europe's biggest Open Source conference and expo GeroldKassube See LinuxTag 2007
June 2-3, 2007 24 heures de l'informatique à Maubeuge Maubeuge (59), FRANCE JohanCwiklinski See 24h2007 for status
June 6-9, 2007 III SESOL Fortaleza/Ceará , BRAZIL RodrigoPadula See SESOL for status
June 16 2007 Journées du libre à Montpellier "Free software Day in Montpellier" Montpellier, France GuillaumeKulakowski, MaximeCarron, BenoîtMarcelin See Journées du libre à Montpellier
June 16-17, 2007 Fedora Open Days FOD is a Fedora-focused event in Poland. It is mainly Fedora event, but other projects are also welcome. Cracow, Poland PawelSadowski Will be added shortly
June 20-23 2007 WebTech 2007 Sofia, Bulgaria BogomilShopov Contact me for details
June 23 2007 Release Party F7 Paris Paris, France Almost all french Ambassadors See Release Party F7 Paris for status
July 2, 2007 Fedora Showcase 2 FS is a Fedora-focused event for newcomers on Linux in Argentina. Remedios de Escalada, Buenos Aires, Argentina PabloBarrera Confirmed
July 10-14 2007 Free Software World Meetings : RMLL 2007 Amiens, France MaximeCarron, ChristophePolyte, CharlesVinchon See RMLL_2007 for details
August 07-11, 2007 7JRSL Córdoba, Argentina
JRSL is the Regional Free Software in Argentina.
PabloBarrera NicolasCorrarello
August 25-26, 2007 FrOSCon 2007 Sankt Augustin, Germany
FrOSCon is a two-day conference on free software and open source.
- -
August 25, Sept 1, Sept 8, 2007 W.B.U.T Install fest Kolkata,India.Install fest meant only for students.Three consecutive Saturdays. SusmitShannigrahi Contact Ambassador.
September 1st, 2nd 2007 Grande Braderie de Lille The Braderie de Lille is an traditional fest in the north of France, where you can make exchanges and buy for everything. French ambassadors will be there to promote and sell Fedora disks (CDs and DVDs) CharlesVinchon See Braderie de Lille 2007
September 1-12, 2007 Linux.SD 2007 Khartoum, Sudan - First annual Sudanese university students forum. HishamAbdelMagid See LinuxSD2007 for details
September 6-8, 2007 Utah Open Source Conference 2007 Provo, Utah - First annual conference by, for and about Utah Open Source. ClintSavage See UTOSC for details
September 8-12, 2007 GITEX 2007 Dubai, UAE - Among the world's top 3 ICT Exhibitions, GITEX 2006 attracted 133,139 attendees. JohnBabich and anyone else who is interested See GITEX for details
September 15, 2007 Software Freedom Day Just Software Freedom Day, everybody knows what it's about :) Wroclaw, Poland. PawelSadowski KarolTrzcionka MichalPlaugo PawelCebula We'll have a booth and presentation about the Fedora Project and Fedora 7
September 15, 2007 UCLUG Greenville, SC
UCLUG is having an installfest and Free Linux PC distribution to conincide with some introductory user classes to ease newbies into using Linux and Software Freedom Day
DavidNalley Contact Ambassador
September 19-20, 2007 OpenExpo 2007 Zurich, Switzerland
A 2-day Expo about Open Source Software in business area as application, service or further development.
FabianAffolter See OpenExpo 2007 2 for details
September 28-30, 2007 II ENSL Aracaju - SE, Brazil
II Encontro Nordestino de Software Livre
RodrigoPadula See II ENSL for details
September 29, 2007 Ohio LinuxFest Columbus, Ohio
Free and Open Source Software Conference and Expo
BrianPepple, JeffreyTadlock JamesBenWilliams and anyone else who is interested See Ohio Linux Fest for details
October 05,06, 2007 II Linux Festival - DF Brasilia - DF, Brazil
II Festival de Software Livre do Distrito Federal
RodrigoPadula See II Linux Festival - DF for details
October 19,20th 2007 Free Sotware days France, Lyon MaximeCarron See Journees_Du_Logciel_Libre_2007 for details (in progress)
October 20th 2007 ./freedom & opensource day - ./fosd Lima-PERU, Expertos Internacionales en temas de Free Software (freedom) y Open Source Software (oss) HernanPachas See fosd(es) para detalles (en progreso)
October 27, 2007 SFD 2007 Tunisia Tunisia, Tunis - Local teams from all over the world are organizing events on September to celebrate this event.. NihedMbarek Photo
October 27th, 2007 Practical Linux Giessen, Hessen “Practical Linux” would like to make the free operating system Linux more well-known. DanielKretschmer, JovanSpasojevic, JensKuehnel and anyone else who is interested See PracticalLinux 2007 for status
October 27th, 2007 LinuxDay 2007 Avellino, Lodi, Pistoia, Roma FrancescoCrippa FrancescoUgolini MarcoPalazzotti MarioTorre -
November 07-10, 2007 III Encontro Potiguar de Software Livre Natal - RN, Brazil
III Potiguar Meeting of Free Software
RodrigoPadula See III Potiguar Meeting for details
November 9th, 2007 Open Dag Technische Hogeschool Rijswijk Promotion of FOSS at College for Software Developers JeroenVanMeeuwen -
November 13,14, 2007 LATINOWARE 2007 Fóz do Iguaçu - PR, Brazil
Latin American Free Software Conference 2007
RodrigoPadula See I Fedora Latin American Ambassadors and Users Conference for details
December 4-8, 2007 FOSSin 2007 Bangalore, India
FOSS.IN is one of the world's largest and most focussed FOSS events
-- See for details
December 8 2007 Release Party F8 Paris Paris, France Almost all french Ambassadors See Release Party F8 Paris for status
December 8, 2007 Fedora 8 Launch Day Tunis, Tunisia
Fedora 8 Launch Day is a Fedora Install Party
ZiedFakhfakh NihedMbarek ChihebChabchoub
December 15, 2007 Fedora 8 and FOSS Lecture Venezuela, Universidad Experimental de las Fuerzas Armadas (UNFEA) GuillermoGomez
December 15, 2007 Linux-reinstalacja Action organized to help in installing people unexperienced users and to configure it for them. Worclaw, Poland PawelSadowski KonradMoson Trailer:
December 23rd, 2007 FOSS Day Lahore, Pakistan NayyarAhmad MustafaQasim Cancelled