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Fedora Legal Questions

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Historical Notes

aka the "We Are Not Lawyers" page

For priority: 1 is "do it now", 2 is "do it soon", 3 is "do it at some point".

Issue Requestor Notes
Priority 1
Translation of legal notice. FDSCo To translate the FDP legal notice, we need it approved by a lawyer in each language; should RH translators do the initial work? Is this even possible, considering the different laws of different countries? Might be simpler now, let's look at this after we settle down our licensing discussions.
Priority 2
CLA in german FabianAffolter Handling of the German Version of CLA in the Fedora Project. It's a translation to help new constributer to understand and not a replacement of the original version of the CLA.
Priority 3
libmimic statsus NadeDamien An LGPL video encoding/decoding library for Mimic V2.x- encoded conten, which is the encoding used by MSN Messenger for webcam conversations.

Fedora Legal Closed Issues

Legal issues that we've closed are listed below.

Issue Requestor Resolved Date Notes
Typo in CLA SethVidal 25 Jan 2008 'atents' is not a word so we can just fix it.
Firefox naming in Fedora Enrico Scholz 9 Sept 2006 Fedora Project via Red Hat has explicit permission to retain the brand names from Mozilla Corporation to use pango related modifications that has been made in Firefox and Thunderbird
Copyright and license on materials on, specifically in the Wiki FDSCo 9 Sept 2006 Everybody who contributes to the wiki MUST sign CLA and the current wiki license along with the rest of formal Fedora documentation is under OPL license without the options
Inclusion of Mono FESCO 10th Jan 2006 Mono is in rawhide now. and
szip Licensing Tom Callaway 22sep2005 Szip's license was determined to be incompatible with Fedora Extras.
Blessing external forums FESCO 11mar2005 According to counsel, there's no risk in referring our users to any other "blessed" forum however we see fit. We are sending users there for help, nothing more, and are not likely to be held responsible for content there.
Monkey audio licensing issues MichaelSchwendt 11mar2005 Monkey audio package has been pulled, so this is a non-issue.
NTFS legality WarrenTogami 11mar2005 NTFS is now okay in Fedora, counsel changed their minds.
Naming contest FESCO 11mar2005 Naming contest is approved; since there's no fungible value to the "prize," and since we control the names in question, there's no legal risk entailed.
Linking to et al FDSCo July 2005 Where and under what conditions can we link to and related sites that may have links to potentially illegal stuff? -- resolution, we can link directly to this site but not explain what you may find there, other than general help for Fedora users.