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Getting Started: The Stylesheets You Need, How They Work, and How to Use Them

The Fedora project's various web sites and web applications share, in at least some part, the very same stylesheets, icons, and other images in order to ensure a more consistent branding across, as well as to reduce the amount of redundant work our web developers need to do in order to put a site or application together.

Fedoracommunity fedora-css-hierarchy.png

SVG source for this diagram

In the diagram above, you can see that all three web sites,, Fedora Community, and Fedora Spins share the common Fedora web template defined by the fedora.css stylesheet:

The Fedora Web Template

How do you use the common Fedora web template defined by fedora.css? What do you get from it? Quite a few things, actually. Let's take a look at the general page layout the fedora.css stylesheet is expecting from your HTML:

Fedora-css page-layout diagram.png

Download the SVG for this diagram

Here's how this hierarchy looks in Firebug, for those of you who prefer tree diagrams:

Fedora-css page-layout diagram firebugtree.png

So how does this map to the actual page's appearance? Take a look at this sectioned-off screenshot of

Fedora-css page-layout diagram screenshot-overlay.png

Download the SVG for this diagram