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Each 45 minute session needs to have a volunteer running the camera, watching a timer, and monitoring IRC for Q&A (if it happens).

There are 4 cameras. The workshop/hackfest sessions will not need volunteers, as most of them will not be practical to record or stream.

By signing up for a session as a volunteer, you're committing to:

  • Attending that session
  • Please get there at least 5 minutes before your session to start the video stream
  • Watching a timer and signalling the speaker (with signs) when he/she has 10, 5, and 0 minutes remaining.

If possible you should also try to:

  • Make sure someone starts meeting recording in the irc channel for your room (#fedora-flock-RRR) using (ie, #startmeeting sessionname)
  • Ask them to also gateway questions and comments from IRC to the room/speaker as needed.
  • Make sure they also #endmeeting when the session is complete.

NOTE: this person doesn't need to be you, just try and make sure there is someone.

You should not volunteer for a session where you are the speaker, or where you are giving a talk at the same time, or where you want to be in a separate session.

Just put your name beside the sessions that you want to volunteer for. Take as many as you want, but please, only one volunteer per session.

Remember, by doing this, you make it possible for the rest of the Fedora community to participate (and view for years to come). Thanks!

Transcription means typing the speaker's words and the questions and answers to the designated IRC room LIVE. If nobody volunteered for the transcription, just ask if anybody in the room would do it or do it yourself.

Video stream cookbook

(if anything goes wrong, call or text +420 605 83 17 13 (for free!) with the number of your room)

At least one minute before start of lecture, but even if the speaker is not present yet, do:

  1. Make sure two windows are open on your machine: Wirecast and Chrome
  2. In Wirecast do: Output > Output settings... and select the talk you are about to stream
  3. In Wirecast do: click Stream button above video preview, red light should appear
  4. In Chrome-YouTube: go to (you should be loged in as Flock Conference 2014 Prague) or click to "Live Events" in left menu and select "Upcoming" in "View"
  5. On YouTube: in row with the talk you are about to stream, click on "Live Control Room"
  6. On YouTube control room page: click on button "Preview" and OK in dialog, "Start Streaming" button should appear (the preview should be enabled as soon as stream hits Youtube; if not enabled, check steps 2-3 and refresh page)

Wait for the speaker to get ready, and after that and only after that do:

  1. On YouTube control room page: click on button "Start Streaming" and confirm dialog

If the speaker finishes, do: (note that you cannot start same stream again!)

  1. On YouTube control room page: click on button "Stop Streaming" and confirm dialog
  2. In Wirecast: click on Stream button above video preview, red light should disappear

See? Not a rocket science at all! Unclear? Edit! :)

Volunteer Slots

Wednesday, August 6

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer Transcriber
B286 Wednesday 8:45 AM Opening: Fedora Project Leader Chris Ward
B286 Wednesday 9 AM Keynote: Free And Open Source Software In Europe: Policies And Implementations Chris Ward
C215 Wednesday 10 AM Better Presentation of fonts in Fedora Tomas Radej
T9:343 Wednesday 10 PM Contributing to Fedora SELinux policy Jozef Mlich
B286 Wednesday 10 AM Fedora QA - You are important Chris Ward
T9:302 Wednesday 11 PM Fedora Magazine Zacharias Mitzelos
B286 Wednesday 11 PM State of Copr Build Service Jozef Mlich
T9:343 Wednesday 11 AM Taskotron and Me Chris Ward
C215 Wednesday 11 AM Where's Wayland? Neville A. Cross
T9:343 Wednesday 2 PM Fedora Workstation - Goals, Philosophy, and Future Neville A. Cross
T9:302 Wednesday 2 AM Procrastination makes you better: Life of a remotee Haïkel Guémar
B286 Wednesday 2 PM Python 3 as Default Giannis Konstantinidis
C215 Wednesday 2 PM Wayland Input Status Jozef Mlich
B286 Wednesday 3 PM Evolving the Fedora updates process Honza Horak
T9:343 Wednesday 3 PM Fedora Future Devices Jozef Mlich
T9:302 Wednesday 3 PM Outreach Program for Women: Lessons in Collaboration Tomas Radej
C215 Wednesday 3 PM Predictive Input Methods Zacharias Mitzelos
C215 Wednesday 4 PM Open Communication and Collaboration Tools for humans Jozef Mlich
B286 Wednesday 4 PM State of the Fedora Kernel Truong Anh Tuan
T9:302 Wednesday 4 PM The curious case of Fedora Freshmen (aka Issue #101) Chris Roberts
T9:343 Wednesday 4 PM UX 101: Practical usability methods that everyone can use Tomas Hozza
T9:302 Wednesday 5 PM Fedora Ambassadors: State of the Union Zacharias Mitzelos
B286 Wednesday 5 PM Hyperkitty: Past, Present, and Future Chris Roberts
C215 Wednesday 5 PM Kernel Tuning Tomas Radej
T9:343 Wednesday 5 PM Release Engineering and You Jozef Mlich
T9:302 Wednesday 6 PM Advocating Zacharias Mitzelos
T9:343 Wednesday 6 PM Documenting Software with Mallard
B286 Wednesday 6 PM Fedora Badges & Badge Design Langdon White
C215 Wednesday 6 PM How Is the Fedora Kernel Different?

Thursday August 7

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer Transcriber
C215 Thursday 9 AM Fedora Server Role-ing Along
T9:343 Thursday 9 AM From Schedule to (awesome) Release Chris Roberts
B286 Thursday 9 AM Review Server: Package Reviews without Bugzilla Jozef Mlich
T9:302 Thursday 9 AM Yubikeys Zacharias Mitzelos
T9:302 Thursday 10 AM Fedora Secondary Architectures Jozef Mlich
B286 Thursday 10 AM Orchestration with Ansible at Fedora Project Chris Roberts
C215 Thursday 10 AM UEFI: The Great Satan and you
T9:343 Thursday 10 AM Improving Mentors program Neville A. Cross
B286 Thursday 11 AM Keynote: Novena: Building a laptop from scratch Zacharias Mitzelos
C215 Thursday 2 PM Meet your FESCo Chris Roberts
B286 Thursday 2 PM NoSQL in Fedora Infra Chris Ward
T9:343 Thursday 2 PM Rise of the Fedora desktop: Gaming Neville A. Cross
T9:302 Thursday 2 PM The Problem with Unit Testing
B286 Thursday 3 PM Introduction to Docker - Workshop
B286 Thursday 5 PM Planning for Fedora 22 - Workshop

Friday August 8

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer Transcriber
B286 Friday 9 AM Docker and Fedora Truong Anh Tuan
C215 Friday 9 AM Fedora i18n: Past, Present, Future
T9:343 Friday 9 AM How I Built a Github clone in 2 weeks Chris Ward
T9:302 Friday 9 AM Where is DevAssistant Going? Neville A. Cross
T9:302 Friday 10 AM FDocumentation with Publican
B286 Friday 10 AM Fedora Infrastructure present to future Chris Roberts
T9:343 Friday 10 AM GNOME: a content application update Giannis Konstantinidis
C215 Friday 10 AM Systemd daemon integration, next step to world domination Tomas Hozza
B286 Friday 11 AM Fedora.Next Joint Session Chris Roberts
T9:343 Friday 2 PM AutheNtication at Fedora evolved David Gay
C215 Friday 2 PM Building an application installer from the ground up Tomas Radej
B286 Friday 2 PM Env and Stack WG - plans Truong Anh Tuan
T9:302 Friday 2 PM Fast deployment of OS images on bare metal with Anaconda: Fedora Adam Samalik
A1051 Friday 3 PM 3D printing is easy - Workshop
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T9:343 Friday 3 PM Documentation Hackfest - Workshop
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B286 Friday 3 PM - Workshop
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C215 Friday 3 PM Make tools with fedmsg - Workshop
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C215 Friday 5 PM Building an inexpensive and scalable storage system with ARM and GlusterFS - Workshop
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T9:347 Friday 5 PM DevAssistant - Workshop
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B286 Friday 5 PM Fedora Security Lab - Workshop
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T9:302 Friday 5 PM Hyperkitty - Workshop
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T9:343 Friday 5 PM Packages Review - Hackfest
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Saturday August 9

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer Transcriber
T9:346 Saturday 9 AM Arm Server Update
T9:347 Saturday 9 AM Improving Bug Reporting Workflow
T9:302 Saturday 9 AM New features of rpm and dnf Adam Samalik
T9:343 Saturday 9 AM Secure Programming Practices Tomas Radej
T9:302 Saturday 10 AM Fedora for Developers Truong Anh Tuan
T9:343 Saturday 10 AM Security Code Audit 101
T9:346 Saturday 10 AM State of ARM and aarch64 in Fedora Adam Samalik
T9:347 Saturday 10 AM Why can't I have the package that I need? Lukáš Brabec
T9:343 Saturday 11 AM Fully Automated Static Analysis of Fedora Packages Honza Horak
T9:346 Saturday 11 AM Through a Wire Fence: Fedora and RHEL
T9:302 Saturday 11 AM Virtualization for Fedora Packagers and Developers Neville A. Cross
T9:347 Saturday 11 AM You can write kernel tests too! Petr Schindler
T9:346 Saturday 3 PM ARM - Hackfest
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T9:302 Saturday 3 PM Governance of Fedora under - Workshop
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T9:347 Saturday 3 PM Taskotron Planning and Hacking - Workshop
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T9:301 Saturday 3 PM Systemd - Hackfest
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T9:343 Saturday 5 PM Configuring a minimal, 2-node KVM-based OpenStack setup using virtual machines - Workshop
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T9:347 Saturday 5 PM Continuous Delivery using Jenkins and Ansible - Workshop
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T9:302 Saturday 5 PM and the fate of spins - Workshop
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T9:346 Saturday 5 PM GNOME newcomers - Workshop
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This symbol indicates that there is no need for volunteers in the specific session