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Find a person to share your hotel room with! Add your name and email here if you're looking for a roommate for Flock.

Name email Room share (M, F, any) Arrival Departure Notes
Rino Rondan villadalmine@gmail.com Ben Williams August,9th August, 16th Ben:arriving on the 12th and leaving 15th or 16th
Sirko Kemter gnokii@fedoraproject.org Joseph Pesco August,11th August,17th
Joseph Pesco jpesco@gmx.com Sirko Kemter August, 12th August, 15th My arrival date is firm, while my departure date isn't.
Gergely Rakosi rgeri77@fedoraproject.org Mikolaj Izdebski August,11th August, 16th
Mikolaj Izdebski mizdebsk@redhat.com Gergely Rakosi August, 11th August, 16th