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Andra Gabriela Necula

Hello I'm Andra and I love to learn something new every time I have the chance. Even if it's math, a new programming thing or a new language like Korean, German, I take the time and I put in the effort to study. Because I strongly believe that studying maintains you young.

The Brain is a muscle and like all the other muscles in your body you have to work every day to maintain and build a beautiful, strong and creative mind. I'm a big kid and I am curious, I like to play, to communicate and like the other young souls I dream to build something amazing. I love youthfulness because it's fresh and always in step with what's new, so my goal is to be youth for an enormous time, by learning everything I can, by trying, by falling and rise again ready for new mistakes and amazing knowledge. I'm a young aerospace engineer and a computer science student, and I want to make something that matters.

Currently I'm working at Yocto project, and I'm using different Linux Distros, I find Fedora interesting and sleek. I would like to be a Fedora ambassador, in Romania. In Romania a lot of student do not know much about linux especially Fedora, because they are not having linux courses in high schools or even in some universities. I would like to do workshops and live presentations in schools talking about Fedora and show them what Fedora can do. Contact

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  Fedora Account: andra

Activities within Fedora

 Using fedora with Yocto project