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Hardware Compatibility List - Components - Multimedia - WebCamera Cards

Manufacturer Model Audio USB ID Driver Comments Last Updated
Ezonics EZ-368 No 04fc:0561 spca561 Works 2009-12-26
Ezonics EZ-368 No ID pac207 Works 2009-12-26
HP Pro Yes 03f0:8007 stv06xx Works 2009-12-26
HP 2MP Yes 15b8:6002 vc032x Works 2009-12-26
Logitech/Labtec QuickCam Express No 046d:0870 spca561 Works 2009-12-26
Logitech C120 No 046d:080f spca561 Works 2009-12-26
Logitech C250 Yes ID DRIVER Works 2009-12-26
Microsoft VX-1000 Yes 045e:00F7 sn9c105r Works 2009-12-26
Microsoft VX-3000 Yes 045e:00F5 sn9c105r Works 2009-12-26