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Hardware Compatibility List - Components - Storage Devices - Compact Disks

2> Make 2> Model 2> Interface Supported Auto CD: Size,R/W/RW DVD: Size, +-, R/W/RW 2> Comments Updated
? / (./) / {X} and speeds and speeds YYYY-MM-DD
Teac TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E IDE (ATAPI) (./) (./) 795MB, RW, ??? ???GB, ?+-/4-/2- FwRev=2.0B, spec 2004-12-23
NEC NEC ND-4550 IDE (ATAPI) (./) (./) CD: see link DVD: see link RAM not yet tested everything, but so far no problems 2005-12-20


  • Auto - Is the disk automatically detected and configured by the installer