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When I started contributing to Fedora (Fedora Extras 1) I worked as a computerscience teacher at the "The Hague University". Now a days (since Sept. 2008) I work for Red Hat. I worked on anaconda, the Fedora installer for my first 2 years. And right now I'm working on Spice. My skills are mostly C-programming, C-programming and packaging. Outside of the work I do for Red Hat my main Fedora interests are gaming and webcams.




I'm a member of the Games SIG, I'm active on the gaming front since that is the most fun :) WRT games I'm a crazy guy who likes porting/improving games and then testing and then coding again more then just playing (although I sometimes enjoy just playing) as such.


I'm generally known as the Fedora webcam guy. I've written many webcam drivers and I've been doing an active push to get almost all out of tree webcam drivers into the upstream kernel so that you can plug in pretty much any usb webcam (including older ones) and have it work under Linux. Also see the Fedora better webcam support feature pages:

Upstream projects I'm involved in

  • Spice
  • Worminator
  • Glide3
  • LM-Sensors
  • Rise of the Triad
  • blobwars
  • Kernel - I've written and maintain several hwmon drivers (abituguru, abituguru3, f71882, fschmd, sch5627)
  • Kernel - I've written and maintain several webcam drivers (pac207, sonixb, cpia1, ov511, ov518, ovfx2, konica. xirlink)

Packages I (co)maintain

Lots and lots of packages, there used to be a list here but keeping that up2date was a pain. Luckily we now have packagedb, so to see the list of 150+ packages I maintain go here:

Software (Games really) I plan on packaging

This list will keep me busy for a while so feel free to use it for inspiration if you're looking for some games to package yourself, if you do please contact me to avoid double work. This list has no particular order.


Many games are inspired by / use game mechanisms pioneered in other games. In case you wonder about if its Legally ok to be inspired / use game mechanisms from other games see: . Also keep in mind that many commercial games are essential remakes of older games with better graphics, luckily game mechanics cannot be copyrighted (IANAL).