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This is a page that describes policies of the Fedora Project.
For policy pages, accuracy and clarity are important. You are encouraged to edit the wiki to improve it. If you have any substantive changes to make to this page, use the talk page to discuss the changes with other page maintainers. Do this before making the changes.

If you come across an unsigned comment on a Talk page, feel free to browse the page history and determine who added that comment to the page, then place the {{unsigned}} template after their unsigned comment, like so:


if Ian Weller is the person who did not sign his comment. Then, kindly remind the user to sign their comments by placing the following message on their user talk page:

{{subst:unsigned message|Some random page|--~~~~}}

This will look like:

You recently added a comment on Some random page which you did not sign; I have signed it for you. Please remember to sign all comments on talk pages with --~~~~, or by pressing the signature button (second button from the right) in the button bar above the edit box. This will be replaced with a link to your wiki page and a timestamp. Thanks --Ian Weller 19:51, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

(Except the "I have signed it for you" link will actually be a link.) Be sure to replace the "Some random page" link.