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Draft: DocsProject's CVS Access Guideline

This is a draft on getting DocsProject's CVS to new users. Currently, anyone can enter CVS, get cvsdocs usage and create/modify anything. This is not what we really want, but we also don't want to get difficulties to our new contributors. Here is a new approach that helps resolving this.

After this is approved, we have to change the following pages with update information:

  • DocsProject/CvsUsage
  • DocsProject/NewWriters

Steps to get DocsProject's CVS write access

1. After the Self-Introduction , the list will ask you on what do you want to work. If you have ideas, share with all and let's see if we can invest in it. There's also current ideas, drafts, and documents that needs help. It's up to you what do you want to help. 1. When you pick up something to do, someone from FDSCo (or someone that has cvsdocs write access) will sponsor you. That means that he/she will be helping you get things understood about how we work and how we use the CVS and the Fedora Documentation Project system/tools. 1. You begin to work with the sponsor's supervision. After you get your work finished, the sponsor will look at it and commit changes to the CVS. The sponsor will also inform the list about this. 1. Finally, the sponsor will think if you have proven yourself with your work, and gets you access to the cvsdocs. If the sponsor is not from FDSCo and does not have permissions to get you cvsdocs writter access, the sponsor should ask in the list about some FDSCo member get this done. 1. Now you can work directly grabbing and commiting on the CVS. Remember that working in group is always better: one supporting each other. All the CVS activity is logged in the fedora-docs-commits list.