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Fedora no longer runs a SIP/asterisk server. These instructions are only for historical note
First you have to enable VoIP for your FAS account.

For this you have to login to the account system and enable VoIP. You also need to specify a password here. This password will be used by the VoIP clients.

Also note it takes a hour for your settings to be effective. Before that, you can not connect.

To test you can call the SIP numbers: 1001 and 1002

To get the extion of a user in IRC use .ext USERNAME


  • Open Ekiga. Cancel the druid (if any). You will get a screen like this.

Infrastructure ekiga first.png

  • Goto Menu -> Edit -> Accounts. You have this.

Infrastructure edit account.png

  • Edit and fill the details

Infrastructure edit account filled data.png

  1. Name: Fill in whatever name this account should have in the list.
  2. Registrar:
  3. User: FAS username (My username in FAS is heffer, so for me it is "heffer").
  4. Authentication User: leave this empty
  5. Password: The password you set in the VoIP section in FAS. (Note that this not necessarily the same as your FAS password)
  6. Timeout: Set to whatever feels right to you. Otherwise just leave the default.
  7. Enable account: You definitely want to do that :-)
  • When selecting "OK", you will get back the account screen. You can check if everything worked out well by checking the status in the "Status" column.

Infrastructure done account.png