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Custom Spins

A custom spin of Fedora is a community release that has been created using one of the Fedora remixing tools, preferably either Pungi (regular images) or livecd-creator (Live CD/DVD's). Custom spins should be strict subset's of packages available in the official Fedora repositories. The iso images created during the build process are hosted at Unlike the official releases (, custom re-spins are created and maintained by Fedora's SIGs .

Some re-spins are officially supported by Fedora. An example of this is the standard GNOME and KDE spins.

Hosting re-spins is in a trial / proof of concept state at present. As a result we cannot just accept all submissions and submissions made during this process are not promised to be there in the future.

Approval Process

The approval process for having Fedora host a spin and being allowed to use the Fedora trademarks are as follows.

  1. Submit your spin proposal to ReleaseEngineering for technical approval.
  2. Submit your spin proposal to the Board for approval to use the Fedora trademarks.
  3. Submit your final kickstart script to ReleaseEngineering to be built and uploaded to

Guidelines for Success

Official Fedora spins must only contain bits that are in Fedora. Those wanting a special theme or package must have it in the official Fedora repositories or it will not be considered. The respin can then install it as a default.

Do's and Don'ts

  • Checkmark.png Do include only Fedora bits
  • Checkmark.png Do test the release thoroughly before submitting it to ReleaseEngineering
  • Checkmark.png Do try to establish yourself with a SIG (Special Interest Group) before submitting a respin
  • Stop (medium size).png Don't assume you can change your spin more than once per release
  • Stop (medium size).png Don't assume your spin will get accepted, make it a worthwhile, compelling spin
  • Stop (medium size).png Don't be discouraged if your respin is rejected, especially if your SIG is new, establish yourself first