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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference

Project Sponsor

Name: Dimitris Glezos

Wiki Name: DimitrisGlezos

Fedora Account Name: glezos

Group: Fedora Localization Project

Infrastructure Sponsor: MikeMcGrath

Infrastructure Secondary:

Secondary Contact info

Name: Karsten Wade

Wiki Name: KarstenWade

Fedora Account Name: kwade

Group: Fedora Documentation Project

Project Info

Project Name: Moving projects that Fedora is upstream from the elvis server to Fedora Infrastructure

Target Audience: Fedora developers, translators

Expiration Date (required): 5 July 2007


We see a general consensus that the Fedora-specific services hosted on the elvis (CVS of Fedora-as-upstream packages, L10N), should be moved over to Fedora infrastructure. This allows us to better maintain them, hook them up with the Fedora Account System, increase their functionality, and lower the barrier for contributions to packages hosted there. Also, in addition to CVS, we can host projects on various SCMs like SVN, Mercurial, or git.

Project plan (Detailed):

  • 25/6 Mon: DimitrisGlezos sent an email to maintainers of packages on elvis
  • 29/6 Fri: Deadline for maintainers to reply and request modules to be included in the mass move (default = no move)
  • 30/6 Sat: The FLP will update the guides, send email to translators notifying them about the move
  • 5/7 Thu: Infra will copy the requested modules to the new SCMs. The team will be available on its mailing list and on #fedora-admin to help with anything needed.


  • Projects hosted on something other than will be able to receive translations through a web-system actively developed [2] . The same

applies to projects staying on elvis.

Specific resources needed

  • Setup of new modules on a variety of SCMs (expected modules moving: 20?). Most developers are expected to use SVN or HG.
  • Some projects might request Trac.
  • Testing of ACLs for translators (DimitrisGlezos)
  • Mass email to translators (DimitrisGlezos)

Additional Info (Optional)


Move the following to svn:


NB: I'm currently building Hg repositories with history for these modules. I'll shout when I've put up these at some location from where they can be pulled.

Move the following to Hg:

Note that the system-config-* modules are really redhat-config-* and only aliased to system-config-* on elvis. Their real name should be system-config-* from now on.


Move the following to hg:


Move the following to hg:

NB: Do *not* copy the files currently in Elvis CVS. Populate the HG repository, by doing an 'hg init' and then 'hg pull' from:

This upstream repository has been synced to contain the latest translations from Elvis as of Jul 4th, 13:30.


Move the following to svn:


To git:

  • (./) (Done) desktop-effects -- (./) tfo Stop (medium size).png transifex

If you can just send me a tarball of the cvsroot (desktop-effects), I can import it to git with history myself and send the git repo back. There are branches in there I need to preserve.


To git:

Please preserve all branches.