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Project Sponsor

Name: Ray Van Dolson

Wiki Name: RayVanDolson

Fedora Account Name: rayvd

Group: Infrastructure

Infrastructure Sponsor: PauloSantos (paulobanon)

Secondary Contact info

Name: ?

Wiki Name: ?

Fedora Account Name: ?

Group: ?

Project Info

Project Name: Moin Profile

Target Audience: All users of the wiki

Expiration Date (required): 2007-09-30

Description/Summary: Profile long-running processes in the Moin wiki software (specifically, saving) with the ultimate goal of identifying bottlenecks and either implementing local patches to address or pushing to upstream. Hopefully this will make Moin a bit less agitating to use.

Project plan (Detailed): 1. Set up Moin instance and simulate conditions at as closely as possible (DB size, etc) 1. Use cProfile to identify issues in the Save function 1. Evaluate potential solutions. 1. Implement and test solutions. 1. Push changes into our Moin or to upstream.

Goals: Make Moin faster.

Specific resources needed

1. Xen instance with Python 2.5 (for cProfile support). This would likely be Fedora 7. Minimal install needed.

  • Could possibly share Xen instance with Ville-Pekka per his RFR here .
  • We primarily do testing of the wiki in standalone mode, so there shouldn't be any conflicts as along as we coordinate

on ports. 1. Copy of the Fedora Project's moin instance (data/users, etc).

Alternately I could do this testing on my own hardware using simulated users and data. It would be more convenient however to have a copy of the Fedora wiki.

Additional Info (Optional)