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Fedora Classroom - Introduction to Bug Triage - Jon Stanley - Saturday, December 6, 2008

-!- nirik changed the topic of #fedora-classroom to: Fedora IRC Classroom - Introduction to Bug Triage with Jon Stanley ( jds2001 ). Communicate/IRC/Classroom for schedule and more information. 13:30
inode0 I like it 13:30
jds2001 inode0: i didnt come up with that template, poelcat did :) 13:30
jds2001 unsure of where he got it, i just came up with content :) 13:31
inode0 that is the part we are here for 13:31
jds2001 anyhow, so that presentation is great for notes afterwards, I'm not going to belabor every slide in it, and we'll actually triage some bugs now 13:32
spevack nice 13:32
jds2001 so in order to triage bugs, you need some special permissions in bugzilla. 13:32
jds2001 you can get those by applying for the 'fedorabugs' group in FAS 13:33
jds2001 So long as you have signed the CLA, I or someone else will approve you, no questions asked. 13:33
ethospir jds2001, you wouldn't have the presentation as images I suppose ? 13:33
jds2001 ethospir: i can save it as pdf if you like 13:34
ethospir jds2001, yes please :) 13:34
@nirik jds2001: I can do that if you like and you can keep going? 13:35
jds2001 already done :) 13:35
jds2001 13:36
ethospir thank you. 13:36
@nirik cool. 13:36
jds2001 so even though membership in 'fedorabugs' is "automatic", i.e. no questions asked, it is still a manual process. 13:37
jds2001 sometimes I get to them in as little as 5 minutes, sometimes it takes me a few days. 13:37
jds2001 feel free to prod me with a stick if you have an unapproved request :) 13:38
jds2001 after you're approved for the group, the sync with bugzilla takes place every hour. 13:38
jds2001 so anyhow, what is triage, and why would I want to do it? 13:38
* MartinCo is glad he did n't miss it 13:39
jds2001 triage is a very simple way to give back to the community, and hopefully get your bugs fixed faster, by freeing maintainers from having to deal with triage themselves. 13:40
jds2001 it requires very little technical knowledge, but can use as much as you have. 13:40
jds2001 so the continuing goal that we have is the effective triage of rawhide. 13:41
jds2001 Since that's going to be the highest value. Don't think that you *can't* triage released versions, we need people for that too. 13:42
jds2001 Simply our resources are limited at the moment, and we've found that to be the most effective way to use them. 13:42
jds2001 so the basic premise of triage is this: 13:43
jds2001 1) Is the bug complete and actionable? 13:43
jds2001 2) Is it filed against the right component 13:43
jds2001 3) Is it something we *can* fix? (i.e. not having to do with propietary nvidia drivers, adobe flash, whatnot) 13:44
jds2001 4) Is it a duplicate? 13:44
jds2001 those four things are really all that you need to know! 13:45
jds2001 on slide 5, there's a picture of what the state transistions for a bug can look like 13:47
jds2001 I'd like to thank John Poelstra for the picture, he's great at these things! :) 13:47
jds2001 does it make sense, or should I explain it a little further (I figure a picture is worth 1000 words :) ). 13:48
* jds2001 moves on, I guess 13:49
John5342 jds2001: just a reminder that bug lifecycle has changed ever so slightly (although not that relevant to triage). got the link handy if you want it 13:49
* nirik thinks it makes sense... ;) 13:50
jds2001 sure. 13:50
* MartinCo opens the pdf 13:50
John5342 13:50
John5342 just the adition of the optional on_dev state 13:50
jds2001 oh, right. 13:50
John5342 not overly relevant though. sorry for the interruption 13:51
jds2001 some maintainers were concerned about us putting bugs into ASSIGNED without their review and teams internal triage. 13:51
jds2001 so the state ON_DEV is used by those teams. 13:51
jds2001 also somewhat important to note that this slide was written for the old version of bugzilla. 13:52
jds2001 recently, we introduced a new version, 3.2. This is a rather drastic UI change, but most of the workflow is the same. 13:53
jds2001 the important exception is that NEEDINFO is no longer an independent bug state, it's a "flag" 13:53
jds2001 and at the bottom of the comment box, there's an option to set the flag and request the info of a specific person. 13:54
jds2001 any questions? 13:55
ethospir The triager knows whom to assign the bug to ? 13:57
jds2001 the assignee is defaulted for each bug to the component owner. 13:58
ethospir ok 13:59
jds2001 so unless someone has changed it, it's probably right. There's also co-maintainers that would be on the initial CC list. 13:59
jds2001 any more? 14:00
jds2001 alright, what about actually triaging a bug or two? 14:02
ethospir sure :) 14:03
jds2001 OK, I've found a bug that is highly likely a duplicate :) 14:04
jds2001 but maybe not :) 14:04
jds2001 14:04
jds2001 for those that might not now, we introduced a new version of python into rawhide on Thursday, and there's a lot of breakage to be expected. 14:05
jds2001 so for this, let's use a different interface to search for yum bugs. 14:06
jds2001 14:06
jds2001 well, i just searched that page for "deprecation" and didnt see any right off the top 14:09
jds2001 and this has already been looked at by a maintainer of yum, so I'm just going to move this one to ASSIGNED. 14:09
jds2001 any questions? 14:11
jds2001 although if we wanted to be complete on this one, you'll notice that one of the deprecation warnings comes from python-iniparse, we can make sure a bug is filed there as well. 14:14
jds2001 and I don't see one, unless it's closed. 14:15
ethospir Please feel free to ignore this if its not something you wanted to cover in the classroom. This bug: looks like it needs to go from ASSIGNED to NEED_INFO ? 14:17
jds2001 it already is. Like I said, it's now a flag, rather than a state. 14:18
jds2001 It's a little confusing. 14:18
ethospir right. 14:18
jds2001 first, in the subject line, you see [NEEDINFO] - that's automatically put there by bugzilla on that display page when something is in needinfo 14:18
jds2001 then in the right column, under flags, you can see the needinfo flag. 14:19
ethospir yes. 14:19
jds2001 I've only got about 10 minutes left here, any other questions or should I wrap it up? 14:21
@nirik how can one find bugs to tirage? 14:22
@nirik and what areas are in most need? 14:22
jds2001 oof, completely missed that. 14:22
jds2001 there are RSS feeds and preformatted queries on this page: 14:23
jds2001 BugZappers/FindingBugs 14:23
jds2001 and the areas most in need is always rawhide, however, releases could use help as well. 14:24
jds2001 We've just decided to concentrate our limited resources on rawhide for now, especially towards the end of a release. However, it'd be nice to be able to tackle it from the get-go, right now :) 14:25
* nirik nods 14:26
jds2001 I hope this has been helpful, and I'll likely repeat it in February, and in person at FUDCon Boston if you'll be attending there. 14:28
-!- nirik changed the topic of #fedora-classroom to: Fedora IRC Classroom - Class break. Next class starting at 14:45UTC. See Communicate/IRC/Classroom for schedule and more information. 14:28

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