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This document describes how exactly you can Rebrand Fedora.

What to Rebrand?

There's a few packages that hold all of the trademarks and Fedora specific system configuration.

  • fedora-release
  • fedora-release-notes
  • fedora-logos

These packages will need to be replaced when rebranding Fedora. Some of the files though, you can re-use. Files in the fedora-release package for example do not need rebranding, but you do want to rename the package, add your own release file in /etc/, and maybe add a RPM-GPG-KEY file in /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/ for these local repositories with your organizations software in it (comments inline):




For fedora-release-notes, you may want to check out the [wiki:/FedoraReleaseNotesRPMContent: fedora-release-notes content document] . Some of these files contain trademarks and branding, others do not.

The fedora-logos package however is full of trademarked artwork, logos and other images that Fedora uses. This is the package you will need to replace with your own set of images. Revisor has a sub-package, revisor-rebrand, which allows you to use a template, debranded -logos package, as well as rebuild the fedora-release and fedora-release-notes package to match your product name (e.g. mydistro-release and mydistro-release-notes).