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Thoughts On The Future Of the FUG

This page is just a chance for me to brainstorm - stuff that I think's too dramatic to make changes on the main draft. I think most things will be re-organisation and clear descriptions of material that might be good including in the FUG, even if just to clarify what I'm doing on the current FUG.


  • Welcome/Introduction
  • Explain different spins/desktops
  • Where to go for more help if needed
  • Logging In
  • Desktop Orientation
  • Include explanations about home folder/computer etc (as is)

NB: From here on in needs to be task orientated, imho

  • Internet
  • Web, e-mail, IM, RSS, Bittorrent, Ekiga
  • Point to docs explaining network connections etc if not working out of box
  • Music, Video and Photos
  • Office
  • Do we need to do more than point to
  • External Storage (Media)
  • Customizing Desktop
  • Installing and Updating Software Graphically (Pirut and Pup)