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CLA Acceptance Hierarchies

There are different levels of trust we apply to contributors.

The level of trust applied to the individual directly corresponds to the effort they go through when accepting the CLA. The level of trust corresponds to the risk put on Fedora by allowing the contributor this access.

By following this method, we can ease and automate more parts of the system that are low risk, such as Wiki-only contributors.

Contributor Type Access Level CLA Acceptance Type
Mailing list member Reads and writes to mailing lists None. Subscribing to a mailing list they agree to a generic use policy that permits Fedora Project and its agents to store and reprint (display in mail archives, etc.) the mailing list postings
Wiki contributor Writes to the general Wiki Click-through when registering on the Wiki, UserName should be automatically inserted into EditGroup (or FAS magic)
Project contributor on Wiki (e.g. Docs/Drafts ) Writes to areas of the Wiki under tighter access control Click-through is sufficient, but getting added to the ACLGroup is going to require some unique set of steps depending on the project; e.g., being added to DocWritersGroup gives access to write to Docs/Drafts and is gained by following the DocsProject/Join steps; being added to DocEditorsGroup gives access to write to Docs in order to formally publish documents and is obtained through merit and/or skill.
Project contributor in SCM (CVS) or having stronger/deeper infrastructure role Writes to SCM, which includes more exposure to important project infrastructure and associated risk of mistakes or malicious behavior Click-through CLA is sufficient, but sponsorship to additional groups in the account systsem is also required, which provides a stronger assurance of the contributor's trustworthiness for the protection of the Fedora Project