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Legal Issue FAQ

This page shows the resolution of many commonly asked legal questions. It was created so that issues need not be endlessly retread on discussion lists if they have been resolved with our legal counsel previously.

Linking to Forbidden Items

The Fedora wiki can link from a page to sites that might offer items we do not carry in Fedora. It cannot describe them, nor why anyone might want them. We do this at the page.


GPG is useful for authenticating communciations from an email address. Without a good deal of verification process which Fedora cannot practically accommodate, it is not useful for verifying identity. Therefore, we do not require GPG signature of our CLA in the account system .


Because no GPG signature is required, we are able to offer a click-through CLA . Our legal counsel requires CLA execution by all content contributors on the wiki and other content repositories.


Fedora distributes under the authority outlined in .


Does Red Hat's right to sublicense in the CLA allow them to license my code under non-free terms, or any terms that are in opposition to the code's original licensing?