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Some code only requires copyright attribution. They have "license" text like these:

* Copyright 1994 Robert Nation. No restrictions are placed on this
* code, as long as the copyright notice is preserved. No guarantees or
* warrantees of any sort whatsoever are given or implied or anything.
* Copyright 1993, Robert Nation
*     You may use this code for any purpose, as long as the original
*     copyright remains in the source code and all documentation

This license is vague, and grants "all" permissions. It says, do whatever you want, as long as you keep my copyright intact.

The short name for this case would be "Copyright only".

You don't have to list this if you don't want to. You can if you feel motivated. The only way we'd fail to comply with this license is if we took out the copyright statement, which we can't legally do anyways.

(This is subtly different from Public Domain, which has the same blanket "grant all", but has no copyright assignment.)