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Copyright (c) 1996 ParaGraph International
Copyright (c) 1996 Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

This is a free font package included into RFBR TeX distribution.
It contains four font shapes in three encodings:
- LaTeX T1 encoding
- LaTeX TS1 encoding
- ISO8859-5 encoding

In the folowing paragraphs "fonts" stands for Type 1 fonts together with
metric files and also any conversions and renderings of them.

You are allowed:
- to use fonts with any TeX distribution;
- to use fonts with any graphic editors for preparing pictures to be
included into TeX documents;
- to use fonts with other programs (such as WWW browsers) for
screening purpose only;
- to convert fonts into any format for above purposes;
- to include fonts into electronic documents (such as PDF) ;
- to distribute fonts together with RFBR TeX distribution.

In all cases you must make reference to this license.

Note: Use of these fonts as platform fonts in graphic environments such as
Microsoft Windows, OS/2 Presentation Manager, X Window, etc. permitted
according to above rules.

You are not allowed:
- to make any changes to font and metric files, including reencoding;
- to use fonts for hardcopy making with any programs except TeX drivers;
- to distribute this fonts as an independent package;

If you concerned in further development of this font family and if you try
to improve it by adding new or correcting existing character glyphs, you
must do all your work locally and you must send all your changes to addresses
given below. Be sure that further improvements will be distributed under terms
of this license. You may not distribute neither fonts under development nor
documents including such fonts.


ParaGraph International:
32 Krasikova street, 19th floor
Moscow 117418 Russia
phone: + 7 (095) 129-1500
fax:   + 7 (095) 129-0911