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Public Use License


The Public Use works may be reproduced and distributed in whole or
in part, in any medium physical or electronic, provided that the terms
of this license are adhered to, and that this license or an
incorporation of it by reference is displayed in the reproduction.

Proper form for an incorporation by reference is as follows:

    Copyright (c) <year> by <author's name or designee>. This material
    may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set
    forth in the Public Use License, vX.Y or later.  Public Use License, vX.Y
    is granted by the US Government pursuant to its rights and obligations
    under DFARS 252.227-7013.

Any publication in standard (paper) book form shall require the
citation of the original authors.


The US Government possesses an unlimited license to the Public Use
work pursuant to DFARS 252.227-7013, with the associated right to
sublicense.  By granting this Public Use License the US Government is
exercising its right to sublicense the Public Use work.


Mere aggregation of Public Use works or a portion of a Public
Use work with other works or programs on the same media shall
not cause this license to apply to those other works. The aggregate work
shall contain a notice specifying the inclusion of the Public Use
material and appropriate copyright notice.

SEVERABILITY. If any part of this license is found to be unenforceable
in any jurisdiction, the remaining portions of the license remain in force.

NO WARRANTY. Public Use works are licensed and provided "as is"
without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not
limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose or a warranty of non-infringement.


All modified versions of documents covered by this license, including
translations, anthologies, compilations and partial documents, must meet
the following requirements:

   1. The modified version must be labeled as such.
   2. The person making the modifications must be identified and the
      modifications dated.
   3. Acknowledgement of the original author and publisher if applicable
      must be retained according to normal academic citation practices.
   4. The location of the original unmodified document must be identified.
   5. The original author's (or authors') name(s) may not be used to
      assert or imply endorsement of the resulting document without the
      original author's (or authors') permission.


In addition to the requirements of this license, it is requested from
and strongly recommended of redistributors that:

   1. If you are distributing Public Use works on hardcopy or
      CD-ROM, you provide email notification to the authors of your
      intent to redistribute at least thirty days before your manuscript
      or media freeze, to give the authors time to provide updated
      documents. This notification should describe modifications, if
      any, made to the document.
   2. All substantive modifications (including deletions) be either
      clearly marked up in the document or else described in an
      attachment to the document.
   3. Finally, while it is not mandatory under this license, it is
      considered good form to offer a free copy of any hardcopy and
      CD-ROM expression of an Public Use-licensed work to its