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Testcloud is used to make Fedora Cloud images easier to test by automating installation on the local machine. See the home page for more information.


Follow these steps if you're going to use testcloud for the first time:

  1. Install 'testcloud' using dnf:
    sudo dnf install testcloud
  2. Add user to 'testcloud' group:
    sudo usermod -a -G testcloud your_user_name
  3. Log out of your session and log back in again, so that the group change is in effect, or alternatively, you can do:
    su -i $USER

Using Testcloud

  1. Run 'testcloud' using the following syntax:
    testcloud instance create fedora:qa-matrix
      Note: You can use fedora:XX where XX could be a desired Fedora version, branched or rawhide
      Note: If you want to test a specific compose, not the latest nominated compose, use the following command (and replace <url> with url to the .qcow2 you want to use, use file:///home/test/image.qcow2 for local files):
      testcloud instance create <url>
  2. After the download is complete, the script will provide an IP where the virtual cloud image resides. To access the cloud install, enter the following and use "passw0rd" for the password:
  3. After finishing the testing, you can remove the instance with
    testcloud instance remove <instance_name>