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If you would like to join the Magazine read this page.

Getting Started

There are a few simple steps to take to join the Fedora Marketing project. Remember, you can promote Fedora without joining the marketing team, but the benefits of coordination are extraordinary.

Personal Information
Fedora is a very visible and transparent project, which means that its mailing lists are archived and mirrored in many places on the internet outside of our control. Please use caution when sharing personal information with Fedora on a mailing list, because it is not possible for us to remove any postings from the wider Internet universe after they are sent. For more details, please refer to Fedora's Privacy Policy.
  1. Join the mailing list and introduce yourself.
    • This helps us to know who wants to contribute, and gives us the opportunity to know each person's strengths and learn how we can coordinate with you. When you join the list, you'll get an email that tells you other useful information about the list.
  2. Register in the Fedora Account System , and complete the FPCA.
    • This establishes your account as an official Fedora contributor and is used to grant various kinds of access to Fedora features, including edit rights on this wiki. The FPCA makes sure your contributions always remain free in the spirit of Fedora.
  3. Join the 'marketing' group in the Account System.
    • Do this after you have introduced yourself .
    • Your membership will be approved after making a series of contributions to the Marketing team. We approve memberships regularly based on concrete and sustained contributions to Fedora's marketing efforts.

What constitutes a contribution? See the Examples of Marketing Contributions section on the Marketing page.