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Meeting of 2005-09-01


AlexMaier (lxmaier)

BehdadEsfahbod (behdad)

BobJensen (StillBob)

ColinCharles (bytee)

GregDeKoenigsberg (gregdek)

KarstenWade (quaid)

MarcWiriadisastra (StrikeForce)

PatrickBarnes (nman64)

RahulSundaram (mether)


  • ["Mentors"] - Patrick has been contacted, so there's some mild success. Marc will contact everyone by next meeting, and report progress. Do we need a mailing list where all mentor traffic is cc'ed to or does that sequester mentor traffic? Help in public might be intimidating, so 1:1 email might be better. Mentors will provide a list of required reading.

ACTION: So, for mentors and mentees to go to if confused. private 1:1 chats can happen, with a summary (faq styled, onus on mentee), to go to fedora-mentors-list. Greg sent for list creation immediately, kudos.

Lead: Marc Wiriadisastra

Co-Lead: Patrick Barnes

  • ["FUDCon"] schedule is finalised. Rahul will send to other news sites, and create the list of standard sites to send PR to. Why are registrations important?
<lxmaier> a) predict number of people who show up
<lxmaier> b) collect email addresses for future reference
  • CMC's and trusting translations:

We make: 1. Clear positioning statements. 2. Empowerment of individuals to be wrong. 3. A strong culture of KNOWING the good word of Fedora.

ACTION: Colin to incpororate the "code of good behaviour" into the CMC stub document.

ACTION: Greg to request a fedora-cmc-list, private list for CMC's, similar setup to fedora-maintainers

ACTION: Add: frequently made mistakes, what to say/what not to say, responses to FAQs, avoid BIG MISTAKES

Some BIG MISTAKES (gdk): 1. Directing people to copyright/patent infringing code. 2. Not using the Red Hat name in vain. 3. "don't go sending people to legally infringing content in our name".

Be aware of Trademark guidelines and ForbiddenItems (on Wiki). Make sure we STRESS on the BIG MISTAKES


<lxmaier> we can request that beginning CMCs CC one of the marketing mentors when they do their evangelizing

Karsten asks if CMCs can send people to forbidden stuff in their own name. Marc, Patrick, Alex, says no. Greg mentions that we should wait for the FF to be established.

<gregdek> A stray mention of FORBIDDENITEMS right now could expose RH to
a shitload of litigation.

Let CMCs know the landscape now, and that it will change soon

  • Swag, skipped again
  • Logo: Frist draft from a Real Designer(TM) available soon. We can't place a vote on logos, as establishing a brand is something that professionals spend a lot of money to do. Folks will have input, and if a huge majority of folk *hate* the logo, it will be killed
  • has links; does it need further fedora-ification? Poking hrishi/dfong might be useful. Bob mentions 278 votes collected, majority for this site design
  • Fedora Marketing Kit: different purposes, different kits, but similar message.

Define: 1. Those not on Linux 2. Novice end users 3. Developer/sysadmin types 4. Potential individual contributors - no single path/defined way of doing "cool stuff" for FC. HelpWanted page helps? 5. Potential business contributors

  • Meeting is now weekly, not bi-weekly. See you all next week