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Standard operating procedure for publicising Fedora news

The following is the list of sites which accept news blurbs, stories, reviews and press releases as marked appropriately. The open issues needs to be discussed in a meeting.

Red Hat Press

Red Hat Press information for Fedora is handled by Leigh Cantrell Day. Drop a mail to communications AT for any Fedora related news that you need to keep in Red Hat Marketing in the loop. RahulSundaram takes care of this.

Fedora Community Contact

Other Websites

Gather information

  • Important new developments, projects and releases - Follow development, test, Java development, live cd and other mailing lists and publicise news worthy stuff. If in doubt, submit.
  • Events - Marketing list
  • Press Releases - Marketing list
  • Distribution reviews - Print, online - Potentially all news sites.
  • Books?

Open Issues

  • Covering magazine reviews
  • Understanding book reviews
  • Looking at Fedora related books and guides