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Fedora Stickers

These stickers are created by members of the Fedora community to help spread Fedora on the Internet through other websites.
Please note these are not Official Artwork from Fedora Project.
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Notebook Stickers

  • "Powered by Fedora" by NicuBuculei:



  • Stickers cost 0.03 € each + German Tax
  • So for 1000 Stickers its ~ 35€
  • Stickers have a abrasion/water protected surface
  • Will be delivered in coil form (depends how much you order)
  • You have to cut the stickers into pieces by yourself (just into quarters, the sticker itself is already cut out)


Marco Ziesing Germany 1000 X
PeterReuschlein Germany 1000 X


  • Picture showing the fresh - printed sticker without protected surface


  • Following pictures show the sticker on one of PeterReuschlein 's laptops

240x300px 300x240px

Others Fedora Stickers Designs

Fedora Cut stickers pack


You can print this pack in a 10 x 10 cm square and give it to people beside a Fedora install media. Source: SVG Stickers Pack by William Moreno

Powered by Fedora - es

ImpulsadoPorFedora.jpg PotenciadoPorFedora.jpg FuncionaConFedora.jpg
Source: SVG by William Moreno Source: SVG by William Moreno Translate by Guillermo Gomez Source: SVG by William Moreno

Four Fundation Stickers


Source: SVG Stickers Pack by William Moreno

Fedora certificated


Source: SVG Stickers Pack by William Moreno