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Statistics poster

This is a poster showing numbers from our Statistics page.

Marketing StatisticsPoster stats-poster-450px.png


  • Feel free to use it freely; it's available under the same licence as all Fedora web content.
  • You can update it by simply opening it in Inkscape and clicking on the numbers; they are editable and the glow around them is dynamic.
  • An SVG version of the poster is attached on this page which can be exported to high resolutions for printing
  • We tried to make the poster re-usable by making it easy to update it on-paper. So, instead of printing again the whole poster, it is easy to print just the numbers on smaller size of papers and stick them on top of the old ones.


Designed originally by DimitrisGlezos and Máirín Duffy in February 2007 for the FOSDEM 2007 event.