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Matthew Miller

I've been involved in Fedora since... a long time. I helped organize the first FUDCons at Boston University, worked on the original Fedora Legacy project, hacked on Anaconda for Boston University's remix, and some other stuff (including maintaining a few packages). Now I work for Red Hat and am basically paid to care about Fedora full time, as Fedora Project Leader. I'm involved in the Cloud SIG and hacking on the Fedora Cloud Image. I'm also on FESCo (the Fedora technical steering committee) and generally interested in anything and everything related to Fedora's success (so, correspondingly, please feel free to complain to me about anything).

I've been doing a weekly post on Fedora Magazine called Five Things in Fedora This Week, with the intention of helping to improve communication across the project as a whole. Read 5tFTW, or my other articles, primarily about — the planning process for the next decade of Fedora.


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