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Who I am ?

Personnal informations

How to contact me?

  • Email : <my_FAS_name> @ fedoraproject
  • Jabber : (no mail)
  • IRC : Pingoomax (or mxcarron) on
    • (en) #fedora, #fedora-mktg, #fedora-meeting
    • (fr) #fedora-fr, #fedora-devel-fr

Helping Fedora

French Community - Fedora related websites

I have been introduce to Red Hat Systems in Universtity, and quickly start to use it as my main OS at home. I discovered Fedora a few months before Fedora Core 2 had been released and I received all the help I needed from french Fedora community. I get involved and started been part of French community staff in 2004. Currently,

Ambassador Project

I am an Ambassador, working with the French Team .

Events :

In order to promote Fedora Linux locally, BenoîtMarcelin and I initiated the first local monthly meetings in Lyon (France). Fedora|Paris quickly followed, in the better way than ours, we have to admit. They launched a nice blog : Fedora | Paris, so did we :-) at Fedora | Lyon

I also (not that often) maintain my own blog :

Packaging Project

A list of packages i maintain

  • pypar2  : A PyGTK frontend to par2cmdline

(short list, indeed :-D)