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Even if many open source components are currently available, Fedora is still lacking proper medical imaging support. This page is an attempt to coordinate the effort to provide the required packages.

What we already have in repositories:

  • Orthanc, a free, lightweight PACS.
  • dcmtk and gdcm which should cover almost all dicom necessity.
  • octave-dicom a package to bring dicom support to octave.
  • InsightToolkit which is a core dependency of many medical imaging software.
  • OpenIGTLink which is used to connect to a medical tracker during surgery

We are currently working on:

  • DICOM viewers like GinkoCAD.
  • (Semi-)Automatic segmentation programs such as ITKSnap.
  • Image registration code such as Elastix.

This table summarize the current status:

Role Proposed software Trac Link
PACS dcm4chee
orthanc [Packaged]
DICOM viewer GinkGo-CADx [Free]
DICOM toolkit gdcm [Packaged]
octave-dicom [Packaged]
dcmtk [Packaged]
Image analysis library InsightToolkit [Packaged]
openigtlink [Packaged]
ITK Tools [Upstream]
3D Slicer [Upstream]
Image Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK) [Upstream]
Multi scale Toolkit (MSVTK) [Upstream]
Rigid and non-rigid registration elastix [Free]
Segmentation ITKSnap [Upstream]
Seg3d 2 [Upstream] [Blocked]
Modelling salome
Kratos [Upstream]
OpenFOAM [Upstream]
Mesh BioMesh3d [Upstream]
Cleaver [Upstream]
Stellar [Upstream]
Shape model ShapeWorks [Upstream]
Statismo [Upstream]