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Fedora Project Board Meeting (2006-07-18)



  • MaxSpevack
  • SethVidal
  • RahulSundaram
  • ElliotLee
  • BillNottingham
  • JeremyKatz
  • PaulWFrields
  • RexDieter

Not Present:

  • MattDomsch
  • ChristopherBlizzard


General Business

  • MaxSpevack sent an agenda out for review.
  • PaulWFrields has continued the succession planning email thread , which also has a home on the wiki . Comments needed.
  • MaxSpevack will be on vacation beginning 2006-07-21 and will return 2006-07-31, but he will be on email.
  • ElliotLee is taking a leave of absence for a few months -- he will likely miss both of the August meetings of the Board. MikeMcGrath has been doing a great job with the Infrastructure team.


  • What's our position on RPM, how can we move forward?
  • Disagreement about the merits of a fork, or just increased mainline work. What's the identity of RPM -- is it the maintainer, or the community of developers around it?
  • What's the proper maintenance model for RPM in FC7.
  • Should we be taking RPM bug tracking out of


  • Need technical leadership around this. SethVidal is recommending PaulNasrat as a possible leader. Will speak to him and report back.


  • Access to Fedora bugs is its own issue, separate but still related to the RPM discussion. Non-Fedora contributors should not be able to close Fedora bugs.
  • Bugs are being closed that Fedora community members want to keep around and possibly fix in Fedora. That prerogative should not be usurped by non-Fedora community people.


  • BillNottingham is going to speak with WillWoods and ask him to start this ball rolling based on Fedora bug group details.


  • Trimming down packages -- as long as we have to keep to self-hosting, we will have lots of CDs in Core.
  • MaxSpevack's point is not to get down to 1 CD, but to have a clear, frequent review process for what those packages are.
  • Drastic changes right now are not a good idea due to impending RHEL release. FC7 is an excellent opportunity for large changes -- we should start anticipating *now* what we might want those to be.
  • Real slimming means that big pieces need to come out into Extras.


  • JeremyKatz and BillNottingham will check with Jonathan Blandford about dropping HelixPlayer from Core.


  • Xen (as of 2006-07-18) wasn't ready for the scheduled feature freeze.
  • Options were to leave it out, or go into a daily slip until it's working.

DECIDED -- Xen is too important to ship without it functioning better, so we're in a day-for day slip, expected freeze sometime in the week of 2006-07-24, not earlier than Monday.


File Systems

  • RahulSundaram brought up a question of how well various file systems are being supported (in terms of patches, kernel modules, etc.) JeremyKatz gets occasional patches, but for the most part no one is maintaining their capabilities. DECIDED -- let the community maintainers be the leaders here, if we here specifically from them, we will address it.


  • MaxSpevack will send a note to Mark Webbink about NTFS. We are already shipping the code, just not a compiled module. This action items will be completed after 2006-07-31, as MaxSpevack is on vacation.

Logo & Trademarks

We all want a logo the community can use in ways that benefit Fedora. If we do this, we may not be able to stop them from doing bad things with it, but how is that different from now? Idea of click-through agreement might work, but a simple "No" is not good enough from Legal. The "2nd logo" idea hasn't really been a big winner, especially since the de facto logo will end up being the public one. We will go back to Legal and discuss guidelines.


  • MaxSpevack and GregDeKoenigsberg own this, with help from PaulWFrields