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themayor let me the meeting come to order 12:00
themayor roll call please 12:00
* ke4qqq is here 12:01
* quaid is here 12:01
* tw2113 is half here 12:01
kushal Kushal Das 12:01
* stickster is here, at least partly 12:02
themayor anyone else? 12:02
rharrison here 12:02
themayor ianweller_afk: ?? 12:02
kulll here? 12:03
ria Ria Das 12:03
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themayor rsuehle: are you joining us for the meeting? 12:04
themayor i guess not 12:05
themayor okay 12:05
rsuehle yes 12:05
quaid oi rsuehle 12:05
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* themayor waves to gregdek 12:05
* quaid glad he caught up on the RHM thread, ftw! 12:05
* gregdek hullos. 12:05
themayor okay so that being done, lets move on 12:06
themayor we have put aside this meeting to discuss strategy 12:06
themayor we're not going down the task list 12:06
themayor in fact the task list is very very minimal 12:06
themayor last week through the meeting we said that we would talk strategy about the future 12:07
themayor so does anyone have anything specific they would like to talk about so we can put it on the agenda right now? 12:07
quaid how far of a time scope is "the future"? 12:07
themayor through the f10 timetable lets say 12:08
kushal yes 12:08
themayor so 6-9 months lets say 12:08
kushal I have question on legality of one video which I want to put on Fedora Tv 12:08
kushal check this 12:09
kushal two nice git videos 12:09
mizmo hi im here sorrys 12:10
themayor kushal: okay and ?? 12:10
kushal themayor, I want to know if I can out them or not 12:11
themayor out them? 12:11
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kushal put out 12:12
quaid ! 12:12
kushal quaid, stage is yours 12:12
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quaid we started this meeting in this channel some months ago 12:13
quaid good for momentum, etc. 12:13
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quaid but esp. as we talk strategy 12:13
-!- ria_ is now known as ria 12:13
quaid there are ~100 ppl in #fedora-marketing right now 12:13
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quaid about 1/2 of that lurking here 12:13
quaid I propose we move this meeting over there; the room is open in this slot 12:13
quaid <eof> 12:13
gregdek #fedora-marketing? 12:14
gregdek Is empty. 12:14
quaid sorry 12:14
quaid I mean 12:14
gregdek Do you mean #fedora-meeting? 12:14
kushal quaid, I know this is our marketing channel ? 12:14
quaid #fedora-meeting 12:14
quaid yes, brain seizure 12:14
quaid s/marketing/meeting/ kthxbai 12:14
* quaid sees apparently SCM SIG has the room booked 12:14
quaid but hasn't been using it 12:14
gregdek We should probably ask their plan before taking it over. 12:15
gregdek Maybe for subsequent meetings? 12:15
quaid sure 12:15
quaid I wouldn't have brought it up but for the topic for today; just task rundown wouldn't be worth bum rushing the back door 12:15
* spoleeba wonders when we are going to migrate fedora meetings into secondlife virtual conference rooms 12:16
themayor no i dont think any time soon 12:16
themayor ;) 12:16
* quaid is ready to move to the topic, fo sho 12:16
kushal gregdek, any points of those git videos 12:16
themayor anyway, quaid, do you want to be responsible for tracking down the SCM sig guys and handling the room migration? 12:17
quaid sure 12:17
themayor okay putting that up on the wiki 12:17
themayor let me know if anything happens this week so that i can announce any room changes for next 12:17
themayor thanks 12:17
quaid about strategy ... I have a thought about where we need to put a big slice (33%) of our efforts 12:17
themayor go ahead 12:18
themayor oh wait a second 12:18
themayor let me answer kushal 12:18
quaid that is focus on people and projects, the basics -- getting a good machine to churn out stories 12:18
quaid ok, I'll pause 12:18
themayor kushal: i think you need to email the person who made them and ask him whether or not he would allow you to use them 12:18
kushal themayor, ok, that is already in todo list :) 12:19
themayor okay quaid back to you 12:19
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quaid now, I'm not saying anything new 12:19
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quaid but it looks like we have a chance to catch a fast moving current 12:19
* lcafiero apologizes for being late, hands note from doctor to the principal 12:19
quaid part of our concern about people not knowing aobut 12:20
quaid the stuff that comes from/through Fedora 12:20
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moixs I have a question about stories...currently I'm writing the fedora release announcements (for Beta too) for the French websites. My news are totally not coordinated with *insert name here* who writes the news in english. Do you know who is usually doing this? 12:20
quaid is this lack of any long term effort, other than Red Hat Magazine :D, to really make a lot of stories flow out. 12:20
quaid moixs: we actually have an idea/process for that, one sec while I get a URL 12:21
* quaid is adding that stuff to Marketing/Tasks right now, too 12:21
quaid moixs: Releases/Announcements and Releases/Announcements/TalkingPoints are out of date but will be updated according to a schedule I'm working on right now. 12:22
quaid <eoidea> 12:22
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moixs A nice feature would be to have a responsable for each big language, who translates the announcements and mails them to the meaningful webistes in his language. 12:23
moixs I'll have a look at your links 12:23
themayor hrm, that sounds like a good idea 12:24
quaid moixs: +1 that is the exact idea 12:24
themayor maybe to have local ambassadors reponsible for each language? 12:24
themayor or at least one ambassador 12:24
quaid moixs: not just translate, but a common set of discussion topics (talking points) so you can also write your own while knowing it shares a common message. 12:24
moixs exactly, ambassadors are the perfect people for that 12:24
themayor so we can coordinate release announcements as well 12:24
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quaid there is a process here 12:24
quaid sorry I haven't made noise yet 12:24
quaid but I'll fire it back up, it covers *all* of these points 12:24
moixs We have such discussions on the french ambassador list, actually we have a workflow for fedora news. 12:25
quaid exactly as you suggest them to be :) 12:25
moixs But you don't see any of that obviously :p 12:25
-!- stickster is now known as stickster_afk 12:25
moixs Every member on the french ambassador list can submit news ideas or complete news to the list, they can be commented for 24h and then they are sent to the media 12:25
moixs It's simple and effective 12:26
quaid moixs: for now, you can coordinate with me (Karsten Wade) for the various release announcements (Beta, Preview, RC, GA) 12:26
quaid +1 simple process that get stories up from the people who know best 12:26
quaid sounds like what jonrob has been saying, what rsuehle and gregdek and me and mether have all been saying 12:27
themayor yeah 12:27
* quaid steps down carefully from the soapbox 12:27
moixs is the F10 beta news project (already slightly modified) 12:27
mizmo are we talking big ideas like how do we get more mindshare amongst linux users? 12:28
mizmo or what? 12:28
mizmo like whats the end goal 12:28
moixs The end goal is to get as much Fedora stories on websites as Ubuntu and OpenSuse ones 12:29
moixs At this time, we have a big disadvantage 12:29
quaid it would be great if our stories were complementary more than adversarial with other distros 12:29
quaid that is, I don't want to grow by seeding more "Desktop Shoot Out!" articles 12:30
moixs Here in Europe, we have a 2:10 ratio compared to these other distros. 12:30
themayor the truth is i dont think so. i think we dont market aggressively or in opposition within the press because we don't want to play that game 12:30
moixs That's not the point, we focus on technical stuff...what struck me is that all the things developed by Fedora are not credited to Fedora. It's often credited to OpenSuse which uses most of the same technology and has more news. 12:31
quaid focus on stories about people and projects 12:32
themayor yeah 12:32
themayor like the meet the contributor stuff 12:32
themayor thats golden 12:32
quaid I've seen some "Spotlight on ..." videos from Red Hat that rock 12:32
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ke4qqq I've had podcasters 'beg' for the unsung devs from Fedora/redhat because we don't do as good a job promoting them 12:33
kushal any comments on "Meet the contributor:" videos I made ? 12:33
themayor they are awesome 12:33
quaid kushal: +10 12:33
themayor by the way, as a side note, fedora was formed 5 years ago today 12:33
kushal quaid, idea goes to sankarshan 12:33
moixs A perfect example is the better webcam support in F10 (kernel 2.6.27), if we don't advertise that now, it will be percieved as a novelty of the first distro to advertise it. 12:33
kushal themayor, I think you are 1 day late 12:33
lcafiero I thought it was yesterday. 12:34
themayor september 24th 12:34
lcafiero [no cake left to celebrate today] 12:34
kushal I am already in 26th :) 12:34
lcafiero 25th here. 12:34
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quaid moixs: if you have a chance, we could use help making sure the source discussion topics in those links I posted are really great and complete 12:35
themayor damn, no, i just missed it completely 12:35
themayor i have mono, so ive kind of lost track of dates 12:35
themayor i just know its thursday 12:35
kushal lol 12:35
themayor and also not having email since yesterday didnt help 12:35
moixs I'll have a look at the links tomorrow, I'm very tired now (and watching a western) 12:37
themayor okay so to get back on focus 12:37
themayor stories about people and projects 12:37
rdieter no email = time stops 12:38
themayor something like that 12:38
themayor stupid migration crap 12:38
themayor anyway 12:38
quaid and tools, processes, and critical mass to make it happen; a real commitment 12:38
lcafiero +1 to themayor and rdieter 12:38
spoleeba themayor, can the featuring process be coopted as a press initiative? Or would developers driving the features feel overburdened if there were asked to engage in a marketing campaign involved the feature? 12:39
themayor maybe this could all play into the remaking of red hat magazine? 12:39
themayor spoleeba: may answer would be it depends on the developer 12:39
spoleeba themayor, sure it would... and the person asking 12:39
themayor yeah that too 12:39
spoleeba themayor, i think the stuff the mingw people are a good story...but im not gonna ask them to write it 12:40
themayor i definitely think we need more marketing surrounding features 12:40
mizmo especially who in fedora is working on X 12:42
mizmo identifying that early 12:42
mizmo before someone else ahem takes the credit 12:42
mizmo (or doesnt contest misattributed credit) 12:42
themayor well the people who have beats for fwn should be pretty on top of that stuff 12:43
themayor no? 12:43
lcafiero I think so 12:45
quaid for features? 12:45
quaid is there an FWN feature beat? 12:46
themayor well yeah, they know whats going on in their specific area, so shouldnt that translate in features eventually? 12:46
themayor i dont know, if there isnt, maybe there should be 12:46
quaid no, not really ... 12:47
quaid features seem to float themselves separately from the regular list, project, sig traffic 12:48
quaid IME 12:48
themayor okay so lets hang on a sec 12:48
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themayor basically im hearing two things 12:49
themayor we need to keep be keeping better track of featuring and be ready to publicize that 12:49
themayor and we want to be able to publicize people and projects 12:50
themayor and we need process and whatever else to make that work? 12:51
themayor correct? 12:51
themayor are we all in agreement 12:51
quaid +1 12:51
moixs Totally :) 12:52
themayor okay so suggestions for keep better track of featuring? 12:52
quaid well 12:53
quaid the feature process does that pretty well 12:53
quaid it's just having a Marketing process that combs that, highlights, etc. 12:53
quaid we do that for the release notes, for example; there is release and documentation areas in the feature page 12:54
moixs yes, there is no real need for another administrative layer...we "just" need to exploit the features page 12:54
quaid just having someone from Marketing steward that each release ... 12:54
quaid it could be topical, cf. FWN 12:54
quaid technical, collaborative, shiny stuff, etc. 12:54
themayor okay does someone want to be responsible for that? 12:55
moixs I lack of experience 12:55
quaid well, strategically ... 12:56
quaid maybe role assignment 12:56
quaid comes out of meeting with RHM, FWN, et al 12:56
quaid we need to get a good picture of what parts we have, what we need, etc. 12:56
quaid maybe discuss actively on the list will be enough? 12:57
themayor okay so we are coming close to an hour 12:57
themayor so why dont we say this 12:57
themayor we have those 2 goals really 12:57
themayor to publicize features more and to come up with more stories about people and projects right 12:58
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themayor so why dont we move the discussion to the list 12:58
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quaid themayor: I'm editing Marketing/Tasks right now btw, adding in stuff about release announcements and the like 12:59
themayor okay, so quaid can you send out a quick mail to the list when you are done about what you added and about what we spoke about and we can follow up next week 13:00
tw2113 i think we've done a decent job with that stuff in the past, but it sounds like we want to up that even more 13:00
moixs That seems a good idea, my problem is that I don't know how the feature page is populated...I'm too new to Fedora marketing to know your inner workings and all the people. I'm basically watching at the moment. 13:00
* tw2113 recalls a lot of posted interviews 13:00
themayor moixs: well dont be afraid to ask questions 13:00
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themayor we should be highlighting those unsung developers, yes 13:01
* tw2113 thinks that ianweller_afk should get an interview this round 13:02
themayor quaid: ?? 13:05
quaid sorry, busy doing :) 13:06
quaid got it 13:06
themayor okay thanks 13:07
themayor so with that does anyone have anything else to add? 13:07
moixs no 13:08
tw2113 nothing from me 13:09
* quaid ready to capture and post IRC log when we are done 13:09
themayor okay thats a wrap! follow up on the list and we will discuss again next week 13:09