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loupgaroublond ok, it's just about time 12:01
loupgaroublond #meeting 12:01
loupgaroublond ah, there's no meetingbot 12:01
loupgaroublond inode0, should i get started anyways? 12:02
inode0 yes, I'll log the old fashioned way 12:02
loupgaroublond ok 12:02
loupgaroublond so i'll begin with the agenda 12:02
loupgaroublond first i'm going to do a quick round of attendance, then lay out some ground rules, then open up for questions 12:02
loupgaroublond if there are any personal interest questions, i'm going to put them on hold for half an hour to let the fedora related questions to go through 12:03
loupgaroublond for the candidates, i'm going to prefix every question with N. where N is the number of the question 12:03
loupgaroublond please put a matching N. in front of your answers, we can parse it out later 12:04
loupgaroublond so to begin 12:04
loupgaroublond 0. Could the candidates please write one or two lines to introduce themselves? 12:04
kital 0. Joerg Simon, this second run for famsco - i was the famsco-vice chair last period - i am heavy involved in fedora-ambassadors-membership administration, emea swag, fedora emea afairs 12:06
loupgaroublond djf_jeff, inode0, ke4qqq, kital, mbuf,tatica 12:06
ke4qqq 0. David Nalley - from the United States, a Fedora contributor since 2006. An ambassador since that time. Also involved in docs, and packaging. Currently in my first term on famsco 12:07
tatica 0. María Leandro (tatica), Fedora ambassador from Venezuela. Currently in Artwork Team(events, enviroment, websites and spins), Mentors program, Documentation, FreeMedia, Education/Robotics for schools and part of LATAM community. 12:07
mbuf 0. Shakthi Kannan, from India; I started with F/OSS using Red Hat since 2000; working with Fedora Electronic Lab packaging and marketing 12:08
kital 0. Joerg Simon is from Germany ;) 12:08
loupgaroublond we're 9 minutes in, so i'm going to get started on the ground rules for tonight 12:09
loupgaroublond feel free to answer later, the numbering should keep things organized 12:09
loupgaroublond so ground rules: 12:09
loupgaroublond If i see similar questions, i'll merge them together 12:09
loupgaroublond I reserve the right to edit questions for minor details 12:10
loupgaroublond You have the right to see the question phrased before it's posted here, i'll post them first in the -public channel 12:10
loupgaroublond Your name will be posted with the question for identification 12:10
loupgaroublond you can send me private messages for anonymous questions 12:10
loupgaroublond I will start with fedora based questions, personal interest can wait until 20 minutes before the hour, otherwise, it's first come first served 12:11
loupgaroublond I reserve the right to withhold any question, you have the right to know why 12:11
loupgaroublond to submit a question in -public, please prefix it with #question 12:11
loupgaroublond That should be it 12:12
loupgaroublond so let the questions begin :) 12:12
loupgaroublond oh, and a small note, this meeting is being logged and the logs will be put up publically 12:12
loupgaroublond 1. inode0: In the questionnaire there was a lot of discussion of Fedora in education. How can FAmSCo make an impact in this area that seems important to many candidates across all of the Fedora elections? 12:13
ke4qqq 1. So honestly - not a lot directly. FAmSCo is largely about providing resources. It requires that the 'people on the ground' be excited and want to do something with .edu concerns. In the past we have (separate from the commarch team) have provided money to attend .edu conferences where fedora contributors had papers accepted. Making sure that people have the resources to get things done is hopefully empowering and will encourage more of it. 12:15
mbuf 1. Identify and encourage people (faculty, students) in Academia circles keen on using, promoting and contributing to Fedora, and provide them with support (technical and non-technical) to sustain existence and contribution 12:16
kital 1. to have really an impact, the best way is to bring fedora idea and benefits on government level - we have done this in kyrgysztan with great success 12:17
kital 1. we also worked with the eliberatica using and 12:18
kital teaching of FOSS in educational institutions in Romania. 12:18
loupgaroublond i'm going to post the next question, but feel free to finish your answer at any time 12:19
loupgaroublond 2. fugolini: What is, in your opinion, the best tools FAmSCo could use to discuss among them and with Regional Contacts? 12:19
tatica 1. Education requires: * assistance * time * resources * dedication * teacher; FAmSCo can provide specific support to hold ideas that possibly could be dismissed if only one person present them. Working as a team, 7 "high words" can be heard more than only one. And this could apply to governament, universities, schools and also a self Summer Program 12:20
kital 1. so i think famsco should not only steer also work as a catalyst to use the ressources to exactly have a impact in schools 12:20
kital 2. have famsco members present at the regional meetings as liasons 12:21
ke4qqq 2. I continue to think that mailing lists and irc continue to be the best means for communicating amongst FAmSCo - provides a log, and doesn't always require real-time participation. In addition, while other technologies are available such as Fedora Talk, we have a uniquely very broad group as far as language goes. I'd hate to lessen participation by using those tools. 12:22
mbuf 2. use IRC (regional languages, if required) and at times suitable for the region for discussions, and submit Action Points (in English) to mailing list for review and discussion amongst Fedora Ambassadors; IRC discussions to be logged (in XHTML), and Action Points noted at wiki (for periodic summary) 12:22
ke4qqq 2. To talk to the regions, it's incumbent on famsco members to be involved in their own region. If the case should arrive that there is a region that isn't represented on famsco, I think the members of famsco have a duty to reach out and participate in that region's meetings, and foster strong communication from the key players in that region. 12:24
kital 2. ke4qqq exactly - lead by example! 12:24
loupgaroublond 3. IN|T: what would be your campaign for promoting fedora in Latin America and the Caribbean ? 12:25
loupgaroublond fugolini would like to thank the candidates for their answers 12:25
ke4qqq 3. I think that LATAM is already doing a great job, of course things can always get better. That said, I wouldn't begin to presume to tell LATAM how to do things there. The people in LATAM know the culture and people in a way that I likely never will. There are organizational things, that I am sure we can learn from each other, but operational details tend to be different from region to region. I'd find the people in LATAM and the Caribbean who are 12:28
kital 3. IN|T famsco is happy to enable you and every other contributor - bring the ideas of the local community to our attention we will support it with all our power if it is good for fedora 12:28
mbuf 3. I haven't worked with people from Latin America and Caribbean, but, I would like to do so, given an opportunity 12:28
loupgaroublond 4. Having received repeated requests for media from Africa, would FAmSCo consider funding such requests so shipments can be made from other continents where media exists? Or initiate delivery of more resources to Africa in some other manner? 12:29
tatica 2. Famsco has to watch many issues, so it may be impossible to keep an eye on all things in every contry/region. It would be great if local contacts help sending weekly summaries of what's happening (just to get more info) and also try to frequent IRC channels and lists not only when they have meetings 12:30
loupgaroublond 4. That one's from inode0 again 12:30
kital 3. you have to kick the ball . we will support you to hit the goal 12:31
ke4qqq 3. we'll be happy to supply the ball though :) 12:31
kital ke4qqq: hihi yeah 12:31
loupgaroublond for the candidates, if you think the questions are coming too fast, feel free to let me know out of band 12:32
kital loupgaroublond: is great 12:32
loupgaroublond well, question 4. is floating around 12:33
ke4qqq 4. I know of at least two instances where we have had requests from Africa from help. We have asked for essentially a plan and list of resources that they needed. I think in both instances that I recall there was no response to our request. At the same time FAmSCo has funded some things in Africa. It really needs an owner. I don't think we'd advocate doing things like 'carpet bombing' the continent with Fedora media. I don't know about others, but I 12:34
mbuf 4. It is very, very essential, IMO, to provide the foundation support to any new country/continent, to kick start things; but, one must also periodically review feedback to see that the effort bears fruit; what is important is that once the foundation is laid, and laid strongly, countries/continents should start to prove that they can sustain themselves, which is equally very important 12:35
ke4qqq 4. I realize it is a chicken and egg thing, but FAmSCo can't plant magic seeds and have a community overnight unfortunately. 12:36
tatica 3. In LATAM, the idea would be get the 2 biggers attention points at this moment, government and education. If we show people that using Fedora they can have short and long term goals, we offer tools that can help them with their daily routine making them more productive and get new human resources that are actually being educated in schools and universities, we will achieve great things in Fedora LATAM. At this point we are doing some of these th 12:37
tatica ings, but LATAM region is not running. Step by step things are being made and the facts are reflected in the achievements proposed by the team. Patience and perseverance:) 12:37
tatica hmmm too long I think 12:37
loupgaroublond don't worry, it's parsable 12:37
ke4qqq tatica: doesn't look like it - both lines concatenated seem to make sense 12:38
tatica loupgaroublond, ok :D 12:38
kital 4. i think we should work with the logistic centers in africa where we have supporters - like nayyar ahmad in mocambique to have at least media at some locations 12:38
loupgaroublond follow up from 4: 12:39
loupgaroublond 4. but can FAmSCo help to start small, by funding media to go to one or two places that request it? splattering it all over the continent isn't what I'm asking for ... 12:39
kital a lot things that get shipped to middle africa have also to take the way over south africa so it is good to enable the south african ambassadors to produce their own 12:39
loupgaroublond 4. these shipments are unfortunately expensive, but nothing is likely to start if we don't help those who ask 12:39
kital 4. a lot things that get shipped to middle africa have also to take the way over south africa so it is good to enable the south african ambassadors to produce their own 12:40
ke4qqq 4. in response to inodes comments about using smart-media to target. It's my understanding all of the requests of that nature are referred to Fedora EMEA e.V., and I am not aware of them refusing to supply media. As a matter of fact, I am not aware of any activity that we have outright refused to do in Africa or any other continent. 12:40
kital 4. dvd's are also better than live media for africa - the hw is slow anyway - access to internet is mostly low bandwith or not available 12:41
loupgaroublond 5. nirik: I'm not sure this is a good question for this group, but I will throw it out: what happened with the store sig, and is there any desire to setup something so fedora users could order/buy their own swag and show off that they are fedora users? 12:42
ke4qqq 4. Part of the problem is handling money - and Fedora EMEA is really in a better place to do that than FAmSCo, and it helps that it's part of the region their charter covers. 12:42
tatica 4. I think Media development should not take place in countries, should be a huge order (which would be much cheaper by amount) and only make shipments to our local contacts in each country. For example, there are countries that receive a huge budget and do 20 events per year but some countries don't receive anything and make the same 20 events per year. 12:43
tatica 4. I believe that a balance in the marketing items and a centralized distribution could help to help regions like Africa and others that have this same problem 12:43
kital 5. on the last FAD EMEA there was the decission to work on that task with fedora emea e.v. - Gerold Kassube is working on that 12:43
ke4qqq 5. The store sig is essentially dead because of our inability to take money. We have a proposal that's been languishing for a year in front of RHT-Legal for us to start some sort of legal entity that can do that. You'll note that fedora france and fedora emea have stores. 12:43
kital 5. just today there is also a very interesting ticket here - 12:44
kital that can also be an opportunity in emea 12:44
ke4qqq 5. And they also have a ton more flexibility, IMO, and do a better job as a result. 12:44
mbuf 4. W.r.t. funding media, one needs to identify key distribution centers that can send media to the farthest corner possible, and ship the media to them, and await response; discussing with people in the region helps in identifying these key distribution centers 12:44
loupgaroublond kital, that link comes up dead for me 12:44
ke4qqq kital: I don't think non-members can see famsco tickets 12:44
ke4qqq unless they originated them 12:45
tatica 5. this is interesting. In fact, those founds could be used to help regional budgets too. Not about regions, about all countries. Would be awesome to have something like but with fedora marketing stuff. :D 12:45
ke4qqq because it often contains personal details for reimbursement of people 12:45
kital ke4qqq: how they can create tickets 12:45
kital ? 12:45
ke4qqq kital: they can create, but not view tickets they didn't create 12:46
ke4qqq because of the privacy concerns with receipts and reimbursements. IIRC 12:46
kital 5. ok this ticket contains information from an hungarian vendor who can produce good quality swag and media 12:46
kital thanks ke4qqq good to know ;) 12:47
mbuf 5. If re-use of logos are fine (as per the guidelines), and people want to make their own merchandise, it must be encouraged; this is one means of showing that people can be sustain themselves for a cause that they believe in 12:48
kital 5. for other regions of the world we need initiatives to clarify npo status to set up such things 12:48
ke4qqq kital: +1 we need to have a nice conversation with RHT-Legal to figure out where we stand around the world - a lot of potential that is blocked IMO. 12:49
mbuf 5. *can sustain 12:49
kital ooh 12:49
loupgaroublond moving on 12:50
loupgaroublond 6. from fugolini: Fedora Insight and Fedora Community platform: this FAmSCo started figuring out what can be Ambassadors Project involvement in these ones. What are your commitments for those two initiatives? 12:50
kital 6. i hope we enhance our presence here 12:51
ke4qqq 6. wrt to Insight - I am the packager for Zikula (the underlying CMS) and a number of it's dependencies and modules. I've also been trying to work with Marketing and Docs roll out of the platform. I have also been acting as the liaison between the Fedora community and Zikula. 12:53
ke4qqq 6. wrt to Community - I haven't been very involved aside from looking at the work kital, susmit, and others have been doing. 12:53
mbuf 6. These are important for people who are non-technical, who are coming from the non-F/OSS world, and who are new joinees to the Fedora project to give them a nice look and feel to the community, and _must_ be used by Marketing to give a nice view of the community to the 'outside' world 12:55
loupgaroublond 7. from loupgaroublond: can you all wrap up with something unique about yourselves 12:56
tatica 6. I'm already working with insight docs. i think people need to know everything, we are an open community and have this kind of tools is just a step foward to get new users/contributors/ambassadors. Papers published in FI and FC are helping us a lot. LATAM is doing their first regional Magazine with tutorials, Interviews, Reviews, Events calendar and show new projects (and ask for help too) 12:56
tatica 6. So This tools provide us a way to comunicate people who want Information Summaries. also, is a great way to get inspired by people that is working and getting goals. Is a door to show new people why fedora is so successful. 12:56
mbuf 7. Versatility. 12:59
kital 7. discipline 01:01
ke4qqq 7. My name is David Nalley, for those who don't remember or know me. I am the only person up for famsco election who is a native en_rn speaker :) 01:02
loupgaroublond ke4qqq, what's en_rn? 01:02
ke4qqq en_rn is Redneck English :) from back ~RHL4 01:03
tatica 7. the ability to bring together groups who all have different interests to work towards one common goal 01:03
tatica LOL 01:03
ke4qqq iirc Donnie Barnes did the en_rn translation to show how l10n was supposed to work 01:03
loupgaroublond ok, we're over time 01:07
tatica :D 01:07
loupgaroublond i'd like to thank the candidates for taking their time to be here 01:07
loupgaroublond if you feel like you have more to say, the questions are going to be reposted, and you can always answer them later 01:07
***inode0 would like to thank the candidates, the community members for their questions, and especially loupgaroublond for his contribution today 01:07
loupgaroublond luckily we went through all the questions that were posted 01:07
loupgaroublond and on that note, i would like to thank everyone in the -public channel for posting alll their questions 01:08
loupgaroublond iirc, inode0 mentioned there is a free for all chaos in the -public channel if you would like to take more questions 01:08
ke4qqq +1 thanks loupgaroublond for moderating and putting up with us 01:09
loupgaroublond no problem :) 01:09
loupgaroublond i have to run now 01:09
mbuf thanks all! 01:09
loupgaroublond i need a gavel to bang or something 01:09
loupgaroublond have a good evening all 01:09
tatica thank you all for using so great English which let me understand the questions easily :D 01:09
tatica loupgaroublond, same to you and thank you :D 01:10
loupgaroublond actualy, they were mostly verbatim :) 01:10
tatica jeje 01:10
kital thanks all - and i have to go 01:11
kital cu ;) 01:11
ke4qqq thanks kital! 01:11