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  • The Modularity Team meets regularly, once per week on Tuesdays in #fedora-meeting-3[?]. Please refer to the Modularity Team calendar for the dates. The meetings are at 15:00 UTC, to get the time for your time zone use:
date -d 'Tuesday 15:00 UTC'

The Usual Suspects

Because of the informal structure of this team (see the Governance Charter), here is a list of people who participate regularly in case you need to contact someone "from the team":

This is the home for the Fedora Modularity Team. To find out what this is all about, please visit the Modularity Documentation Website.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Modularity Team is to develop and maintain guidelines and tooling for module production and maintenance in Fedora.

The effort will also require help and resources from across Fedora, including Fedora Infrastructure, Release Engineering, QA, Security Team, and more. Representatives of those groups are welcome and invited to participate in the work of the Team.


Team Meetings & Minutes

The Team meets regularly on IRC, see the sidebar for details. If you want to discuss something during a meeting, file an issue against the modularity project on Pagure, and contact someone from the team, so they can put it on the agenda for the meeting.

Find minutes for past meetings on Fedora møte. We also have an archive of meeting minutes from when the Modularity Team was still called a "Working Group".

Helpful Information

Preparing a meeting

If you're responsible for running the meeting, look here for detailed information.

Commands for chairing a meeting

Stop (medium size).png
Use #meetingtopic, not #meetingname
Don't use #meetingname, it changes the log name of the meeting, making past meeting logs hard to discover.
#startmeeting modularity
#meetingtopic Weekly Meeting of the Modularity Team

#topic Roll Call
[... wait a while for people to join ...]

#topic Agenda
#info a topic
#info another topic

Don't forget to use #info, #agreed, #link, #idea, #action or other commands often for better meeting minutes. Introduction might be done by .hello mynick.