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Objective: Fedora Editions, Second Phase.


Take the initial Server/Workstation/Cloud split from Fedora 21 from an experiment into solid production. Increase autonomy from FESCo and improve targetted outreach.

Expected Impact:

Increased user base and user satisfaction in targeted areas. Increased contributor community around the targets. Increased ability to adapt to future or expanded targets as needed.


Although we expect the "Fedora editions" concept to be ongoing, this "second phase" is targeted for the F22 and F23 releases, making it an approximately 12-month objective. That way, this council objective lead slot will be open shortly after Flock 2015.


  • Coordinate Working Groups' development of updated PRDs and changes and features for each release.
  • Work with FESCo and Fedora Program Manager to develop process whereby edition-specific Changes are handled primarily at the WG level.
  • Work with Outreach (marketing, ambassadors, etc.) to identify and plan representation at new conferences specific to the various target audiences.
  • Work with Engineering representative to plan, coordinate, and schedule release engineering and infrastructure changes in advance of the F22 and F23 alpha releases.
  • Lay groundwork for possible different release cycles and lifespans.
  • Work with Council and community to develop concrete process for expansion (or possible contraction) of Fedora editions as identified needs change, working from the product definition previously approved by the Board


  • PRDs updated. Changes filed, changes accepted, changes completed.
  • Conference reports; user data from those conferences.
  • User and contributor surveys, and other user and contributor measures
  • Usability is increased as measured by user testing specific to each target group

Objective Lead:

Stephen Gallagher


Initial council approval: January 14, 2015