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It has been suggested that Fedora take on on Marketing as a top-level objective this year to increase our exposure in the developer community. Rather than try to market to every developer everywhere, we want to focus on a specific community. This is similar to the strategy of separate editions — we can have bigger impact by really winning in individual areas and growing from there than we can in attempting to appeal to all people at once.


The Python Community was identified as natural fit for a number of reasons:

  • Python is very beginner friendly, prioritizing readability and accessibility.
  • Python has a very healthy FOSS ecosystem surrounding it.
  • Python has a broad base of modules that address many aspects of development; from scientific computing to game development.
  • Python has numerous inclusion and onboarding organizations that support the development community both broadly and locally, (e.g. pyladies, women who code, openhatch, and others)
  • Fedora Infrastructure is pretty much a "Python Shop" and we have a number of tools and mentors that could help contributors wanting to get involved.
  • Fedora as a project has a number of members who are core contributors and stakeholder within the python community, and can provide valuable insight to engaging more effectively from top to bottom.
  • Fedora has made porting to Python3 a priority, making it the system default.

Expected Impact

  • A strong presence at the PyCon Conferences and Sprints
  • A series of talking points to address different parts of the python community
  • A series of generalized slide decks to address different parts of the python community
  • A formalized relationship with the Python Software Foundation, and other organizations supporting the python community.


  • Increased number of subscribers to Python SIG mailing list
  • Badges awarded at PyCon Events
  • Impact scripts from bee2502, resulting in reports similar to our FOSDEM PoC:
  • Number of nicks in #fedora-python on Freenode
  • Number of Spins/remixes released specifically for Python Community


This objective will take effect immediately, and continue through February 2017. First major milestone will be PyCon North America on May 27th.


There are a number of "Premier" python events, PyCons, where vast numbers of users and contributors gather regionally. We want Fedora to have a traditional presence here (such as Ambassadors running tables,) but also take new approaches to engaging with contributors, such as focused events at the "PyCon Sprints."

There are also localized meetups and usergroups within the python community, that still draw regular contributors. This is a place where we also want to have impact, and provide resources to local ambassadors.

Detailed Approach

  1. Reach out to Fedora members with strong ties to Python Community.
  2. Develop a large list of sub-communities who would find value in Fedora
  3. Develop sets of talking points for each sub-community.
  4. Develop generalized slide decks about using and building on Fedora for python that can be presented at meetups and user groups.
  5. Identify existing project members who can become Ambassadors to sub-communities, and/or identify upstream sub-community ambassadors to connect with Fedora.
  6. Gather success stories and high-profile python projects that run on or are built with Fedora, to be publicized and celebrated.
  7. Utilize the Python SIG list?
  8. Develop a Python Spin or remix?
  9. Discuss dedicating parts of our release cycle to python related activity?

Objective Lead



This objective is a draft, and has not yet been approved.