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Objective: Fedora Modularization — The Release


Modularity will transform the all-in-one Fedora OS into an operating system plus a module repository, which will contain a wide selection of software easily maintained by packagers. This iteration of the Objective focuses on the second part — providing a wide selection software in various versions — while laying the groundwork for the first.

Logic Model


Architecture Change

The Modularity implementation has changed its approach so it no longer requires a holistic modification of the way we build the entire distro. Instead, the traditionally built packages will remain and only content requiring modular features (e.g. multiple available versions) will be modularized. We believe that this will be simpler to maintain and introduce. If you would like to read more about the architectural changes see the community blog post “Modularity is Dead, Long LIve Modularity.”


  •, two weeks from now
    • Demo of new way of doing things
  • F28:
    • Working module repository as identified by a Fedora Change
    • User-focused documentation (Updated sysadmin guide, quick docs)
    • MBS infrastructure in production
    • Working DNF support
    • Automation of modular packaging and deployment
    • Improved and expanded documentation to guide packagers on when and how to modularize their components
    • Hackfest/FAD
    • Initial module-to-flatpak support
    • Initial module-to-docker support
    • Gather info on initial uptake and version stream user interest
  • F29:
    • Hackfest at
    • Better performance for DNF
    • “Production” containers and flatpaks
    • More modularized software. Targets to be set based on initial feedback
    • Bugfixes, refinement, enhancements based on packager and user feedback

Modularity Working Group

This group was established as part of a the prior phase of the Modularity Objective, and will continue.

Objective Lead

Langdon White


We are outlining this Objective to cover the F28 & F29 development cycles as described in the Deliverables above, and continue through demonstrations at and FOSDEM in 2019 and other post-release PR.

There are some Modularity goals not covered here and a future objective may tackle those.


Approved by the Fedora Council 2018-01-17

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