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Sorry for the confusion -- no one watches the talk pages actively. Please do not use the discussion page to try to get changes to the guidelines approved.

Do this instead:

  1. Add a page to the wiki normally with your proposed changes. It's best if your page makes clear what's being changed. In some cases, that means starting by copying the original text in. Then modifying it in subsequent saves (so that people can use the history function to see the changes). Other times, it's enough to simply point out which pieces of text you're changed.
  2. Go to and login
  3. Enter a ticket for the FPC to review the new guideline. Include a link to the wiki page with your proposed change as well as information you don't have on the page that you think is relevant.

The FPC members receive email from the ticketing system so sometimes it pays to repeat some of the information from your wiki page if you think that it will help people to look at and start forming questions about your change prior to going to an FPC meeting.